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Things to Do and Attractions to Watch Out for in Mexico City

Mukta Gaikwad Oct 1, 2019
Unravel the secrets of making your trip to Mexico a memorable one. You will find everything that the heart and the mind desire, along with the never-ending visual treats this picturesque place offers.

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One of the most coveted tourist destinations - Mexico City, the capital of Mexico, is located in the scenic valley between two volcanoes. Its splendid high plateaus reach a height of 2,240 meters (7,349 ft) making Mexico City an exotic location.

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The city, built by the Aztecs in 1325, has been incredibly maintained to retain its historic heritage. The destination is not only visually alluring but also offers adventure to its visitors. For an avid photographer, the picturesque geography of Mexico City is definitely worth documenting.
The city has pleasant climate all year round. Mexico is best defined by its land covered in lush green foliage and its brilliance brought out by the bright sunshine. For adventure enthusiasts, June to September is the best time to arrive, as it is the monsoon time. January and February have warm and dry weather, which is an advantage for sightseeing.

What to do in Mexico City

No matter what the budget is, Mexico City is full of surprises for everyone. The must do here is exploring and understanding the rich heritage of the destination. For those looking out for something relaxing, the city offers many more reasons to love it. Let's check out the things one must do to get the maximum out of this pulsating city.


If you are visiting Mexico City in the month of September, then you are indeed lucky to be experiencing an exalting expression of Mexican patriotism.

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Mexico celebrates its independence day on September 15, a day when the President of the country yells out the famous slogan "Viva Mexico". Patriotism is celebrated with a party by one and all. It is followed by a parade demonstrated by the Mexican militia.


Several ancient and renowned relics have been preserved in the museums of Mexico City. The legends associated with these antiques talk volumes about their culture and history. The museums worth including in your itinerary are Diego Rivera Mural Museum, Museo Dolores Olmedo, Museo Leon Trotsky and the Museum of Modern Art.


If you have had enough of museums shopping at Garibaldi Square is a good getaway. You can get some scintillating music tracks from the flea market.
Garibaldi Square has a exuberant festive mood which makes shopping even more enjoyable. The shopping spree is definitely a thing to do in Mexico City if you plan on taking back a few souvenirs.

Wining and Dining

You must try out delicious authentic Mexican food. A heaven for foodies, it has numerous restaurants, cafes and eateries for travelers. Eating in Mexico City is a reasonable expense. Café el Popular - Mexican, Angus - Steak house, El Marisquito - Seafood, Majestic Hotel - Mexican and El Tajín - Veracruz are some places to try out while you are in the city.

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To get the right flavor of the magnificent Mexico City, it is necessary for you to explore and travel on a vigil. If you want to make your trip a memorable one try to get to know a few locals who may show you around. This way the city of many secrets will open its hidden treasures for you!