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Great Mini Vacations for Couples

Girija Shinde Sep 19, 2019
Got a sudden chance of an extended weekend, and wondering how you can make it memorable? Well, going on a mini vacation with your partner is always a brilliant option. Find some amazing mini vacation ideas for couples in this Vacayholics post.
So, you have been rewarded with a surprise extended weekend and you have no idea how you should spend it. Of course you can spend by simply lazing around, doing nothing.
But there are many other things you could do, which can make these few days really memorable. After all, everyone needs a break, and sleeping for the whole day, sadly, provides no break!

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You can instead choose to go away from home; a place you've never visited before. The refreshing atmosphere and new surroundings can help rejuvenate. The location could be any, depending on your choice. Pack your bags, then, and make use of these ideas to fuel your vacation.

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Wine Tasting

Visting a vineyard is the perfect mini vacation idea for any couple. There are a loads of vineyards; you can do a quick online search to find one that is closet to you.
Nowadays, many vineyards have a luxurious resort in the area itself, where you can enjoy your vacation tasting different types of wines. Also, vineyards have fun activities like grape crushing, in which you can jump in a tank full of grapes. Romantic long walks is another thing you can do in a vineyard.

A Luxurious Treat

When you plan to simply relax the whole day at home, you may encounter unexpected guests or the niggling thoughts of impending household chores.
To escape this chaos, get out of the house with your partner, and book a room in the city's biggest hotel. It might sound silly, but the privacy and special treatment you get there, will surely change your opinion.
Delicious food delivered to your room, a fabulous view from the balcony, and perhaps even a hot jacuzzi―the perfect recipe for relaxation. You won't need to venture out, just stay in the hotel for the entire weekend, you will surely get the feel of being thoroughly pampered by the end of the vacation.

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Classic Vacation

How can any mini vacation be complete without the mention of beaches?
Though beach vacations are too common, they do have their charm―after all, the soothing sight of the extensive blue waters, the cool breeze, the surrounding lush palm trees, and sunbathing make for a fabulous vacation idea indeed.
In case you wish to avoid the crowds, you can book a doom at a resort with a private beach for your weekend getaway. You may have to shell out extra funds, but will surely be worth the effort.

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Amazing Amusement Parks

This mini vacation idea is a little crazier than the rest, as for couples, it involves going to every amusement park in your city and the neighboring towns as well.
Locate all amusement parks in your city and its vicinity, get to each one, and once you're there, enjoy as many rides as you can. By the end of the day, you're sure to be left giddy with happiness. And of course, do not forget to click lots of pictures as a keepsake of all the insanity you indulged in.