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Mini Vacations for Kids

Aastha Dogra Sep 28, 2019
Vacations for kids should be fun as well as educational. Read the following post for some interesting mini vacation ideas for kids.
Taking your family for a holiday does not mean that you have to take a month's leave from your office and spend thousands of dollars.

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You can have as much fun on a two-three day budgeted trip, plan the trip well, and choose an interesting destination for your kids. Also, vacations should provide an opportunity to the kids to experience and learn new things.


All kids enjoy something special and different. So, take them camping during summer vacations, and give them an opportunity to stay in the midst of nature.
While camping, cook on a bonfire, sing songs sitting around it, gaze at the stars, and at the same time, educate your children on galaxies and the universe.

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Camping outdoors will provide you an ample time to reconnect as a family, as well as to teach a thing or two to your kids.


It does not matter whether you are riding a bike in your neighborhood or are following a nature trail, as long as you are doing it together with your kid.

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So, hop on to your bikes, strap on your helmets, and you are ready to start your journey of discovering new sights and sounds, on the way with your kids during their spring break. When planning biking trips for kids, do not forget to carry along water, juice, and food.

National Parks

If your kids enjoys viewing wildlife, and likes activities like swimming, boating, horse riding, and fishing, plan a short vacation to the national park.

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Some national parks offer beautiful environs with mountains, caves, coral reefs and canyons, which kids love.

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Take your kids to a nearby beach, and let them enjoy the sand and sea. Carry a ball or a hula hoop, or some other game that they can enjoy during beach vacations.
Accommodation can be expensive, especially around the time of summer or spring. So, to save money, wait till the time most kids are back to school, and then plan a vacation. Two or three missed days in school would not matter much, if it's for the sake of spending some quality time with your family.

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Theme Parks

Amusement and theme parks are a good option, as they can be quite entertaining, and offer a number of activities to keep your kids occupied. Book in advance, as during peak seasons, it can be quite a challenging to get accommodation.

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Another fun idea for kids is to take them on a cruise. On search, you will find many travel companies offering 2 or 3 days cruise deals. Visit many ports on the way, if you choose this idea. If you want them to experience some adventure, then take them on a cruise.


If you do not have much time in your hands, and at the same time, you have promised your kids a cool holiday, then an easy way out is to find a beautiful place or a small town, which is just two or three hours drive from your place, and book a hotel in that town.
For kids, going away from home, or for that matter, any change can be fun. Thus, book a hotel, and make sure that it has a pool. It's even better if it offers activities such as rock climbing, or has a golf course. Simply go there together as a family, and it will be a good change for everyone.
Mini vacations are an opportunity for parents and kids to relax and unwind. So, plan them once or twice a year, as they do not take much of an effort, time, or money, and also not to mention the amount of fun that you all can have as a family. Also, take many pictures of such times to cherish the memories forever.