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Things to Do in Monterrey, Mexico

Check These Unbelievably Great Things to Do in Monterrey, Mexico

Monterrey is the capital of Nuevo León. Located in northeastern Mexico, the city has a municipality that goes by the same name. It is the third-largest city in Mexico, after Mexico City and Guadalajara. The city is also referred to as Sultana del Norte, being a strategically important commercial center.
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Last Updated: Aug 12, 2017
Monterrey, Mexico, is home to over 1.1 million people. This metropolitan region derives its name from the Countess of Monterrei. Regiomontanos, the local name for the residents, are known for their hospitality and vivaciousness. The city is a rich remnant of Spanish colonization and expeditionary escapades.
Throughout recorded modern history, the city has facilitated trade and functioned as a key economic center, due to its ever-cordial ties with various countries across the continent of Europe and the United States of America. Its location at 1,740 ft above sea level gives it a perennial supply of underground water, breathtaking landscapes, and a climate responsible for making it a tourist hot-spot on all travel itineraries.
Top Attractions
Monterrey is home to canyons, nature trails, and a lot of wooded land. The terrain attracts millions of hikers and rock-climbers every year. Its humid, subtropical climate and summer-rainfall make it a perfect choice as a holiday destination. The city is connected well via roads, air, and railway. It is home to some of the best restaurants in the world, and offers you the delectable and traditional cabrito al pastor, machacado con huevo, carne asada, and obleas.
There is a lot of sightseeing you can indulge in while in Monterrey. And as you feast your eyes on the architectural delights, you can indulge in the luxurious amenities offered by the myriad of beach resorts and suburban shopping districts.
Don't miss the opportunity of watching the Club de Fútbol Monterrey or Rayados play. The games at the Estadio Universitario are rewards for sports enthusiasts. The host city of the 1986 FIFA World Cup, it also offers a sports enthusiast the fun of baseball. Games played by the Sultanes de Monterrey at the Estadio de Beisbol Monterrey are visual treats. You could also plan your business or leisure visit to coincide with the Champ Car Race held at Fundidora Park, in February every year.
American football games between the Auténticos Tigres and Borregos attract thousands of tourists during summer and fall. The city also offers ample terrain to pursue golfing, fishing, hiking, and camping. It is a natural arena for a number of extreme, adventure sports, like bungee jumping, rock-climbing, and mountain biking.
Monterrey is famous for its native Norteño music played by regional music bands, like Ramon Ayala and Pesado. There are a number of clubs that organize performances by several local and internationally acclaimed artists. If sight seeing is more your idea of a holiday, you should consider visiting:
  • Macroplaza: One of the world's largest cultural and administrative plazas.
  • Santa Lucia River-walk: A man-crafted path along an artificial river. It links Macroplaza with Fundidora Park.
  • Faro del Comercio: This 'Lighthouse of Commerce' is a city trademark that beams a laser around the city every night.
  • Barrio Antiguo: This commercial neighborhood is a shopper's delight. It has bars, cafes, restaurants, and art galleries.
  • Grutas de Garcia: A cave system is catered to by a chair-lift that carries visitors hundreds of feet above the base hill slope.
  • Cola de Caballo: A waterfall near Santiago and El Cercado.
  • Bioparque Estrella: Monterrey's wildlife safari park.
  • Cerro de la Silla: A saddle-shaped mountain that offers adventure enthusiasts hiking trails.
  • Cerro del Obispado: The home of the Bishop de Monterrey.
  • La Huasteca: A site famous for its rock cliffs; a dream of every rock climber.
  • Chipinque Ecological Park: A picnic ground is also crafted to offer trails for hiking, mountain biking, and a mesmerizing view of the city.
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