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Nicaragua Facts

Discover Some Awesome Facts About the Stunning Country of Nicaragua

The Nicaragua facts shared further will help you to understand this Latin American country better. Read it and discover some fascinating things!
Sujata Iyer
Last Updated: Mar 7, 2019
When anyone mentions Latin America, the first thing coming to anyone's mind is sunny beaches, bright flowers, gorgeous women and macho men. If that's what people think about the whole of Latin America, it is quite obvious that the largest country in Latin America will exhibit some of those traits (if not all).
Nicaragua Political Map
Which country are we referring to? Nicaragua, of course! Let's see some facts and history of Nicaragua.
Nicaragua: Facts and Figures
✔ The official name of Nicaragua is the Republic of Nicaragua.
✔ The total area of this country is 50,193 mi2.
✔ It celebrates its independence day on 15th September.
✔ Nicaragua's freedom was declared in 1821, from Spain.
✔ Area-wise, it is the largest country in Latin America.
✔ The density of population is appropriately 137 per mi2.
✔ The borders of the country include the Caribbean Sea to the east, the Pacific Ocean to the west, Honduras to the north and Costa Rica to the south.
✔ Managua is the capital and largest city of Nicaragua.
✔ Nicaragua's currency is called Cordoba.
✔ The country derives its name from an Aztec language. It was named after Chief Nicarao, who was the ruler of the land between the Pacific Ocean and the Nicaragua Lake.
✔ The history of this country is filled with a 2 century long struggle for freedom.
✔ The British conquered Nicaragua and named it the Mosquito Kingdom in the 16th Century.
✔ The endeavor for independence was fulfilled only 2 centuries later though.
✔ The form of government in here is a presidential republic.
✔ Politics is always a division of opinions between the Liberals and the Conservatives.
✔ The country is divided into three regions; namely the Pacific Lowlands, the North Central Mountains and the Atlantic Lowlands.
✔ The geographic co-ordinates of Nicaragua are 12º 09' N and 86º 17' W.
✔ Most of the land in the country has been declared as 'protected' and many regions are designated as parks, reserves, etc.
Lake Nicaragua
✔ Nicaragua is home to Lake Nicaragua, which is the second largest lake in Latin America.
✔ Also, this lake is a great tourist attraction as the only freshwater sharks in the world live in this lake. They are called the Nicaraguan sharks.
Ometepe volcano view???
✔ There are a lot of active volcanoes in this country. The Ometepe Island of Nicaragua Lake is home to a dual volcano, Madras and Conception. This is the largest lake island in the world.
✔ There are as many as 9 lakes which have six craters each, in Nicaragua. This is the highest in the world.
✔ Spanish is the official language here.
✔ Gallopinto, a combination of cooked rice, onions and spices like pepper, cilantro etc., is the national dish of Nicaragua.
✔ Another place that is quite popular among artists is the Archipiélago de Solentiname in Lago de Nicaragua.
✔ Palo de May is a very popular form of Latin dance that has its roots in Nicaragua.
Flag of Nicaragua
✔ The flag of Nicaragua has two horizontal blue stripes, symbolizing the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, with a white stripe in between, symbolizing the mainland which lies in between the two water bodies.
✔ Roman Catholicism is the most followed religion.
✔ Soccer is the most popular sport here.
✔ Ruban Dario, one of the most celebrated poets of the 20th century was also Nicaraguan.
✔ Nicaragua has the lowest crime rate of all the Latin American countries.
Street singer with jembe. United Kingdom
✔ As far as art is concerned, street art is what flourishes in the city of León.
✔ Nicaraguans like Reggae, Tonada, Mexican style music.
✔ Luis Enrique, a popular Latin American singer is Nicaraguan.
✔ As far as clothing is concerned, men wear pants or jeans with light-weight shirts owing to the hot climate. Women wear pants with t-shirts or loose shirts. Alternatively, women wear light dresses.
Well, those were some of the most basic and easy to follow facts that you can share with your friends and relatives. Plan a Latin American vacation and have a gala time exploring this beautiful country.