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Nice Family Vacation Spots You'd Like to Visit

Mukulika Mukherjee Sep 11, 2019
On the lookout for the perfect family getaway to enjoy your vacations? Look no further! Choose your picturesque holiday destination from the nice family vacation spots enlisted in this post.
Family vacations are an ideal way to unwind, and they offer a much-needed break from our hectic schedules. Going on a holiday can prove to be an exciting experience for the entire family. After all, everyone wants to spend quality time with their loved ones and more so if it is somewhere far away on a serene island or a golden beach.
This is all the more true for the kids who really look forward to these outings. However, to make sure that a vacation turns out to be truly memorable for you and your family, you need to plan everything well in advance.
The first thing you need to decide upon is the vacation spot. Zeroing in on a holiday destination can be a tough job, given the many options available. All the same, here are some nice family vacation spots to make it easier for you to choose one.

Nice Vacation Spots for Your Family

When choosing a destination for your family vacation, go for one that has something for every member of your family. For example, if you enjoy swimming and your son or daughter is into paragliding, decide on a destination that has a bit of both worlds! A few popular family vacation spots are mentioned.


If the vast blue ocean and delicious sea food tempt you, then head to the islands of the Bahamas for an unforgettable experience.The Bahamas is an island country in the Atlantic ocean, with around 30 islands and many smaller islets.

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The island of Bimini, which is closest to the state of Florida, is termed as the gateway to The Bahamas. While your kids can have fun swimming with dolphins, you can have a great time shopping and trying your luck at casinos.
Other attractions include regional festivals such as the "Pineapple Fest" on Gregory Town or the "Crab Fest" on Andros islands.

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The most romantic city on the planet, Paris has a lot to offer to tourists. While in Paris, make sure you climb the Eiffel Tower and spend some time in the gardens below. 
Also, make it a point to catch a glimpse of the smiling Mona Lisa at the Louvre Museum and enjoy the finest of French cuisines. You can even catch a movie at the La Cinémathèque Française, the heart of the French film culture or enjoy an evening listening to jazz. On the way back, gulp some ice cream at Notre-Dame!


One of the most popular holiday destinations, Hawaii is the tourists' paradise! While in Hawaii, don't forget to take a helicopter tour over the island of Kauai. You can go snorkeling off the island of Molokini or enjoy a game of golf at the world-class golf courses.

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Also, Hawaii boasts of some of the most beautiful beaches in the world; beaches with white sand and blue waves.
The other attractions include the Kilauea Volcano on the Big Island, biking down Maui's Haleakala Mountain, the Waimea Canyon on Kauai and the delicious Hawaiian cuisine.

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While in Switzerland, you can never be short of surprises! It is a fascinating country that will woo you with its scenic beauty and landscapes. Skiing on the Alps is an experience your kids won't forget in a long time.
The capital city of Bern is also worth a visit for its old world charm and magnificent buildings that have been there for centuries. If you are into shopping, make sure to get some luxury Swiss watches. And not to forget, Swiss cuisine is a culinary delight!


While you are in Italy, you can take a gondola ride on the waters in Venice or go back in time visiting the ruins of ancient Rome, including the Pantheon and the Roman Colosseum.
A visit to the museums will help you catch a glimpse of the masterpieces of Renaissance art. You can also drive to the beautiful hill town of Tuscany or attend an opera show.

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For the ultimate shopping experience, visit Milan, the fashion capital of the world. A visit to Vatican City should also be a part of your tour plan.

New York City

Closer home, New York City is a great idea when it comes to family getaways. You can visit the Ellis Islands, the Empire State Building, the Statue of LibertyCentral Park and the Washington Square Park.
In addition to these, you have some of the best food joints and amusements parks and shopping destinations. Known as the city that never sleeps, New York can welcome you with an array of surprises!


A holiday to the land of the pyramids can be a great experience for the entire family. You can enjoy beaches, go shopping to the Khan-el Khalili bazaar or enjoy a game of golf in Cairo. A cruise on the river Nile and a visit to the ancient temples on the banks of the river can be amazing.
Mt Sinai, a pilgrimage center, is also another place worth a visit. Needless to say, an Egyptian holiday is incomplete without a tour of the pyramids.
In addition to the places mentioned, there are other vacation spots that are worth considering.
  • London (England, United Kingdom)
  • Barcelona (Catalonia, Spain)
  • San Diego (California, United States)
  • Dublin (County Dublin, Ireland)
  • Munich (Bavaria, Germany)
  • Goa (India)
  • Salzburg (Austrian Alps, Austria)
So, this was a brief account of some popular holiday destinations from all over the world. Wherever you choose to go, may you have one awesome holiday with your family!