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Keep it Light: A Complete Packing List for Your Next Travel

Parashar Joshi Sep 29, 2019
It is very important to make a checklist of all the things that you need to pack when traveling. This information gives you an insight into making a packing list.

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Be it a weekend road trip, week-long Christmas vacation, or a month spring break, we always looked forward to travel.
Exploring a new place, getting a feel of its sights and sounds, studying its flora and fauna, feasting on the local cuisine, shopping at the flea markets; just thinking can make us forget everything and let us on a new voyage the very minute!
However, one needs to be prepared to travel anywhere. Lack of preparation can often land us in problematic situations, which can severely dampen the spirits of the traveling. Here is a basic vacation packing tip for all travelers. One of the first things that you should do is, make a checklist. Let us look at what this list should contain.

How to make it?

It should ideally be split into the following categories:

● Clothes
● Toiletries
● Travel Documents
● Finances
● First Aid
● Accessories and General Items

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You should always pack your clothes while taking into consideration the prevailing weather conditions at the destination and the duration of stay. The following clothing items should ideally be on the list:

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● Regular casual day wear i.e., shirts, t-shirts, pants, dresses, jeans
● An extra pair of denims
● Inner wears
● Two sets of formal clothing
● Night suits/pajamas
● Towels
● Sweater or windbreaker
● Raincoat or a rainy jacket
● Swimwear
● Bermuda shorts
● Socks
● Shoes, sandals, and slippers


Make sure that you inspect your toiletry kit before you leave. Very often, we happen to forget small things like toothbrushes and combs which can later cause a little bit of inconvenience.

● Bathing soap
● Deodorant
● Talcum powder

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● Sunscreen lotion
● Skin creams
● Hair care products
● Toothbrush and toothpaste
● Cotton swabs
● Shaving kit
● Mosquito repellent
● Dental floss
● Comb or brush
● Hand mirror
● Small pair of scissors
● Glasses or contact lenses
● Contraceptives
● Maxi pads or tampons

Travel Documents

Make sure that you remember to carry these, else you are likely to land up in a soup. Carry multiple photocopies of all your travel documents for good measure. Make sure that you carry the following documents:
● Passport
● Visa
● Alternate proof of identity
● Travel tickets
● Hotel reservation documents
● Travel insurance and vaccination certificates

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Imagine you are having a great time shopping to your heart's content only to discover that you have left your credit card back home. To avoid such a predicament, be sure to carry the following:
● Sufficient cash
● Credit or debit cards
● Traveler's checks
● Local currency in case of foreign travel
● Money belt for safety
● Currency converter or calculator

First Aid

It is advisable to carry a first aid kit along with certain basic medication. It can often come in handy when traveling. It should contain:

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● Band aids
● Gauze bandages
● Iodine or any other liquid antiseptic
● Common medicinal tablets for treating diarrhea, headache, flu, motion sickness, etc.
● Vitamin and glucose tablets
● Other personal medicines


Traveling to your favorite destination and forgetting your camera and other accessories can be a spoiler. Double-check that you pack the following items:

● Camera
● Batteries
● Cell phone charger
● Road maps/city maps
● Sunglasses
● Caps or hats
● Books
● Diary
● Flashlight with batteries
● Wrist watch
● Old newspapers
● Alarm clock
● I-pod or MP3 player
These were some travel packing tips to ensure that you have a pleasant trip.