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Fascinating Facts About the Landlocked Country Paraguay

Ratnashri Dutta Oct 30, 2018
Would you like to know more about the South American country Paraguay? Here are some facts about Paraguay.
Paraguay is a landlocked country, located in the middle of the continent of South America. It is surrounded by Argentina on the south and south west, Bolivia on the northwest, and Brazil on the east and north.
The total area of this country is around 406,752 km2, and its official name is Republic of Paraguay. The Paraguay river flows across the country, dividing it into two different regions. Its capital is Asuncion, which is also the largest city.
Although it is a small country, there is no end to the number of interesting facts about it; the geographical information, information regarding the people of Paraguay, the currency, the flag, the culture, etc. Given next are some facts for kids, as well as for adults.
  • Before 1811, Paraguay was a Spanish colony. But before the Europeans visited this country, it was inhabited by the native tribes called Guarani.
  • During the 1600s, Jesuit missionaries entered Paraguay in order to preach the natives the teachings of Jesus and to convert them to Christianity. They were successful, but the Spanish wanted control over the natives, as well as their trade. So, they drove out the Jesuits and set up their colony. The country got its independence from Spain on May 14, 1811.
  • The river Paraguay (from which the country gets its name) runs through the country, dividing it into two halves. The eastern side of the river is more populated than the western side. This is because the western side is a low, marshy area with dry forests, unlike the eastern side.
  • The capital of Paraguay, Asuncion, was founded by the Spanish rulers in the year 1537. It is the largest city in the whole country.
  • Guarani and Spanish language are the official languages of Paraguay.
  • Paraguay's national currency is Guarani.
  • Paraguay is a homogeneous country where most of the population belongs to the mix breed of Spanish and Amerindians, called the Mestizo. The main religion practiced here is Roman Catholicism.
  • The main economic activities in Paraguay are agriculture and cattle ranching. 
  • Paraguay is the world's largest exporter of hydroelectric power.
  • It is a major exporter of soy beans. It also exports cotton, edible oil, and meat.
  • The main industries in this country are that of sugar, beverages, textiles, and cement.
  • Also, Paraguay is one of those few countries whose flags have different emblems on the reverse and obverse sides. This flag was adopted in the year 1842.
  • The legal system of Paraguay is based on the Argentine codes, the French codes, as well as the Roman law.
  • Distribution of wealth in this country is not equal. A small group of elite people own most of the land and enjoy most of the benefits of economic development.
  • The basic diet of the people of Paraguay is corn, beef, and cassava. Some of the most popular dishes that people enjoy here are Chipa Guasu, which is a cross between Sopa Paraguaya and corn souffle; Mbeju, which is an unleavened fried bread; and the Mbaipy So'o, which is corn pudding with chunks of beef.
  • Cerro Pero, which is located at an altitude of 842m, is the highest point in this country.
  • According to the 2015 estimates, Paraguay has an adult literacy rate of 95.07%.
These facts are sure to help you learn more about this landlocked, but beautiful, South American country. If you ever get a chance to visit this country, you will love it, and also the people over there.