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Facts About Peru Tourism and its Unique Places of Interest

Peru Tourism Facts: Places of Interest in Peru
Peru has plenty of interesting places for tourists from all over the world. From beautiful landscapes to areas of historical interest, it is now one of the most sought after tourist destination.
Kashmira Lad
Last Updated: Aug 12, 2017
Peru remains one of the most popular tourist destinations due to the gorgeous natural backdrops and the very diverse culture seen here. From the beautiful mountain ranges to the stunning architecture, there are many places of interest that are bound to mesmerize you in the first glance itself!
There are many fascinating places you can discover and this beautiful country has many things in store to suit different personalities. Take a look at some of the most popular places and the kind of fun you could have here.
Lima city
Lima is the capital city of Peru and has a fine blend of ancient architectural splendors and a contemporary lifestyle as well. It is located in the gorgeous valleys of the Lurin, Rimac, and Chillon rivers.
There are many interesting and beautiful places to visit in Lima. One can have a great time at the beach or visit the museums. Children can have a fun time at the amusement parks or a trip at the zoo. It also has many historical churches and palaces that are bound to hold the attention of all history enthusiasts.
Inca Trail
Inca Trail
Tourists can have a great time amidst the nature when they take a walk through the Inca trail. It is a walking trail that takes visitors amidst beautiful mountainous forests.
It is known to offer some of the most spectacular views ever, helping one to form a strong bond with nature. It would always be a good idea to book early to be able to walk through this trail, since the Peruvian Government does restrict the number of visitors that can have access to this area.
Front view of the Cathedral
Cusco is considered to be the archaeological capital city or the historical capital city of Peru. It is located on the south east side of Andes in Peru.
This city is considered to be one of the most fascinating places in Peru. It is also known as the home of the Inca Gods. There are many places of interest in Cusco from the beautiful churches to the historical museums. A walk on the streets would brief you with many interesting historical sites in this city.
Machu Picchu
couple looking the famous Machu Picchu
It is located on a mountain ridge, which lies above the Urubamba Valley in Peru. This place is a very interesting site where one can see beautiful architecture of the classic Inca style. Therefore, Machu Picchu remains one of the most visited sites by tourists in Peru.
This beautiful place is now a UNESCO World Heritage site. It also has one of the best stonemasons in the world and its interesting architecture draws tourists from all across the globe. One needs to walk the Inca Trail to reach Machu Picchu. Currently, there are many issues with the increasing number of tourists that visit this place, which is causing a threat to the site.
Titicaca lake reed boat
It is a hot spot mainly because of Lake Titicaca. This city is located in the south eastern area of Peru. One can also get a first look at some of the most beautiful churches here from the colonial period. This city is also known for its lively celebrations and beautiful dances. Lake Titicaca draws hordes of visitors every year.
These are amongst the many interesting places in Peru. Due to the diversity of this land, tourism is certainly a booming industry in this beautiful country.