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Places of Interest in Cardiff

The Places of Interest in Cardiff You Must Be Aware Of

Cardiff is known for its beautiful landmarks and amazing locales that draw many visitors throughout the year. Read all about some beautiful places in Cardiff that are very popular among tourists and locals alike.
Kashmira Lad
Last Updated: Mar 10, 2018
Cardiff is known to have many interesting places that attracts tourists from all over the world. The City of Cardiff is the largest in Wales. This place is not only the capital city, but is also the main hub in terms of education, tourism, the media, and also for business in Wales. There are many cultural sites that have historical significance, and loads of places that prove to be a major attraction. Cardiff also remains to be a shopper's paradise.
Places of Interest in Cardiff
Cardiff Castle
Cardiff castle is one of the most famous castles in Wales that draws loads of visitors. This medieval castle stands as a strong monument that reflects the rich history of the region. The beautiful Clock Tower, the stonework, the designs, and the flamboyance of the place mesmerizes tourists even till date. During the 19th century, this castle underwent modifications and was rebuilt on the lines of Gothic style. Today, it hosts concerts of leading bands, and also the largest Mardi Gras festival, held in August.
Cardiff Bay
Cardiff Bay has many attractions in store for tourists. It proves to be a major area of interest for water lovers. Lined with beautiful shops, bars, gardens, and a green walkway, Cardiff Bay offers stunning views every time you visit this place. A waterbus is used as a means of public transport as well as a tourist attraction. There are also numerous water sport activities carried out here.
Bute Park
This beautiful park in Cardiff is one area that has great historic significance, and is also popular because of the green cover. This vast expanse of green land is located in the heart of the city. Cardiff Castle, along with other places of interest, such as the Animal Wall and the Gorsedd Stones, are located here. People flock here to experience a strong connection with nature. Bute Park is home to a wide variety of wildlife and also an excellent variety of flora.
Queens Arcade
Shopaholics can have a great time at Queens Arcade in Cardiff. This shopping center has its main entrance very close to Cardiff Castle. From clothing to electronics, home furnishings to some really hip hangouts, Queens Arcade has it all. This place is definitely a must visit for those who love to shop till they drop.
Cathays Park
Cathays Park is also a major tourist attraction and consists of three gardens. This area also includes several important buildings in the city. Most of the buildings are early 20th century buildings. Once can notice the presence of Edwardian buildings as well. The three gardens that are located here have their own distinctive design, and are the hub of all activities, especially during lunch.
Castle Coch
This beautiful castle has been featured in movies and popular television series. This castle also has a rich history to boast about. During the early period of the 14th century, Castle Coch was almost destroyed. Later on, it was William Burges who made plans for reconstruction of the same. Although his plans were not carried out fully, the castle was finally rebuilt by 1881 but even then, a major portion of the work was yet to be accomplished. Work was then carried on for many years to come.
These are some of the many places you would like to visit in Cardiff. A trip to this beautiful city would reveal plenty more things in store.
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