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Places to Explore in Casablanca, Morocco

Ishwari Pamu Sep 18, 2019
Featuring Art Deco architecture, Moorish buildings, boulevards lined with palm trees, and chic restaurants and cafes, the largest city of Morocco is a blend of modernization and rich cultural heritage. Because it’s not discovered by mass tourism yet, you can experience the city as its true authentic self.

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Hassan II Mosque

Completed in 1993, it stands on a platform overlooking the Atlantic and is the fifth-largest mosque in the world.
The prayer hall can accommodate 25,000 people at once and the courtroom can fit another 80,000 people.

The Old Medina

Characterized by labyrinth-style streets, small and colorful storefronts and busy local cafes, it represents the oldest part of Casablanca. It is relaxing to take a stroll through the crooked lanes and experience the pace of daily life in Casablanca.

La Corniche

An array of fancy restaurants, hotels, nightclubs and street performers skirt this oceanfront which is also known as the Blackpool of Morocco. A walk on the beach or a dip in the waters can be refreshing. The sunsets here are quite spectacular.

Quartier Habous

Sometimes referred to as Nouvelle Medina, it was built in the 1930s by the French.
It’s a quiet marketplace with shops neatly lined in rows, clean and paved streets and beautiful Moorish style buildings. The well-maintained white houses and street arcades add character to the place.

Rick’s Cafe

Inspired by the eponymous movie, Casablanca, Rick’s Cafe is a spitting image of the one in the movie.
Though the pianist may not go by ‘Sam’, you can definitely unleash your inner Humphrey Bogart or Ingrid Bergman and enjoy a drink and dine in style.

Cathedral du Sacré-Coeur

Built in 1930, it sports Neo-Gothic style of architecture and is located in the heart of Casablanca. If the guardian lets you in, the towers offer excellent views of the city and the Atlantic ocean.

Clock Tower

Earlier, it stood 20-feet tall next to the old city and was built by the French in 1911. They built it for the locals to get used to the industrial society's pace. This emblematic tower was later dismantled in 1950 and what you see today is a 1993 reproduction of the original.