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Stunning Places to Visit in Brazil That Never Cease to Amaze You

Shashank Nakate Dec 4, 2019
Brazil offers some of the best tourists spots in the world. This part of the world is mainly known for its forests and wildlife. However, you can also visit cities with diverse architectural styles in this country.

A Diverse and Captivating Land

Brazil is a huge landmass of 3,287,597 sq. miles with diverse climatic conditions.
There are forests, beaches, cities with unique architectural styles and many other places worth visiting in Brazil. The diverse flora and fauna of Brazil is also one of the factors that attracts tourists to this South American nation.

Ouro Preto

Now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Ouro Preto first came to prominence due to the gold rush of the 18th century. Situated about 500 km north of Rio de Janeiro, the highlights of Ouro Preto are its famous Baroque churches and architecture, cobblestone streets, and whitewashed mansions.

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While strolling through the city, you feel like you have been transported back to the 18th century. The School of Mines and Metallurgy, and Museum of the Inconfidencia are some of its important attractions.


The capital Brasilia is the only capital city to be built in 20th century. It is renowned for its futuristic monuments and architecture.

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Important places to visit in Brasilia include the Catedral Metropolitana, President Kubitschek's Memorial, Three Powers Square, and the TV tower.


The largest wetland area in the world, at 54,000 sq miles, Pantanal is arguably the best place to see diverse animal species in their wild habitat.
A place called Corumba is the starting point for organizing tours to the Pantanal. Corumba is connected by air with cities like Cuiaba and Campo Grande. The jaguars, caimans, and capybaras are main attractions for tourists, and the period between June and November is best time to spot a jaguar in the Pantanal region.

Marine National Park of Abrolhos

Situated on the southeast coast of Brazil and in the state of Bahia, Marine National Park of Abrolhos was developed to preserve the diverse flora and fauna of this region.
The Jubarte whales are one of the main attractions of this park. Also known as singer whales, the Jubartes weigh around 30 tons and grow to about 16 meters long. Marine birds that you can see in this region are Frigates, Branco and Grazina.

Iguacu Falls

This waterfall lies on the border of Brazil and Argentina. The width of Iguacu is a staggering 1.2 miles. This waterfall comprises 275 smaller waterfalls.

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The exact location of Iguacu is the point where the Iguaca river crosses the edge of the Parana Plateau. The area surrounding this waterfall is known for its pristine forest cover and diverse fauna.
Nearest airports are Cataratas del Iguazu International Airport (Argentina) and Foz do Iguacu International Airport (Brazil).

Sao Luis

The capital of the Brazilian state Maranhao, Sao Luis is known for its picturesque squares and architecture from the colonial era.
If you are visiting this place in the month of June, try to attend the Bumba Meu Boi festival. Local troupes perform in this festival on streets. Sao Luis is the birthplace of Capoeira, the martial art from Brazil.