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Plan a Fantastic Trip to Fingal's Cave, Scotland

Priyadarshini Bopardikar Aug 26, 2019
Are you an adventurer and sea lover? Then Fingal's Cave is an ultimate destination for you. A hallmark creation of nature, this cave is a gateway to unique rock formations. You need to travel by a boat to reach the cave, which is a beautiful journey that showcases varied aquatic wildlife and outstanding scenic beauty.

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Reaching Unique Fingal's Cave Entrance

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You can take a boat to reach the Island of Staffa where you get to see beautiful mountains, sea views and cute aquatic animals. There are multiple entry points to the Cave. The boat will go till certain point near the entrance and then you need to walk further to enter this marvellous cave. You need to be extra careful while walking as the path is slippery.

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Inside the Fingal's Cave

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Once you get down the boat, the path till cave is challenging. You need to be extra cautious. But once you enter the cave, it all speaks for itself. You will hear melodious sounds that will simply elevate your spirits. The basalt columns form a beautiful design and in turn, give it a hexagonal shape which makes it as one of the best wonders of nature.

Refresh Yourself at Treshnish Isles

Staffa Island has a group of small islands called Treshnish Isles on northwest side. These islands are a 'Call for History and Bird Lovers'. You will find lots of archaeological remains here. Cute birds such as Puffins do reside on these islands. Sound of the sea waves, birds and marvellous scenic beauty around will simply take your breath away.

Explore the Adventurous Hiking Trail Near the Fingal's Cave

Fingal's Cave is surrounded by a hiking trail which gives you a thrilling experience. Hiking these tricky trails gets the best out of you. While exploring around, hiking shoes and a jacket are a must, and its good to have binoculars to enjoy the spectacular beauty. As these trails are difficult, it is advised to not take along old people and children.

Go Crazy with Flora and Fauna

As you explore the Isle of Staffa and move around the cave, you get to see some of the best creations of God - amazing wild birds such as Kittiwakes etc. that add to the natural beauty of this place - and cheer up your mood as well. And if you are lucky, you may get to see cute seals taking their seats for Sun Bathing.

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Not to Miss the Aquatic Beauty

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Further ahead you may get to watch aquatic animals such as Sharks. And if you are lucky enough, then you can get to see whom you would love to see - the Dancing Whales. Especially the children would be glad to see such a variety of species.