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Plan a Visit to Windsor Castle, London

Prerana Jamdarkhana Aug 19, 2019
An entangled love story of history and tradition designed with beauty, the ancient monument standing gloriously in Windsor is respected and renowned all over the globe.

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Significance of the Castle

An iconic landmark of the city of Windsor, the castle has been a royal residence for almost 1,000 years. Even today, the Queen spends her weekends here.

Castle History

King William, the Conqueror, began building Windsor Castle in 1070. Over the years, many monarchs added to the building, making it what it looks like today.

The Round Tower

In the 19th century, George IV built the Round Tower. The castle's keep back in those days, is now a locus for Royal Archives and the Royal Photographic Collection.

Changing Guard Ceremony

The dignified ceremony of changing guards at the castle occurs around 11 am. The handover takes place within a group called “the Guards” who have been assigned duty since 1660.

Queen Mary's Doll House

The intricately designed four-story Palladian mansion doll house was a gift to Queen Mary, who had an eye for miniatures.

Ceremonial Route

The route takes you to the State Apartment, venue for award ceremonies and official visits by Heads of States, used by The Queen and the Royal Family.

Historical Route

The historical route makes way for rooms that were built for Charles II and his Queen. The rooms are built traditionally, getting smaller as you proceed.
The Semi-State Rooms are the private apartments created for George IV with rich interiors and elaborate designs.

St. George's Hall is the major attraction, for, it is adorned with exquisite long table used by Royals for state banquets.

St George's Chapel

Remember the gorgeous wedding venue of Prince Harry and Megan Markle? Well, that’s where you will exactly walk-in at St George’s chapel in Windsor Castle. Established in 14th century, the chapel is popular for high-medieval Gothic style designs.

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The Moat Room

The room has bronze models of the evolution of Windsor castle. The prominent years of growth- 1080, 1216 and 1377- are highlighted in Moat Room.

The Quire

Quire is where the Knights of the Order of the Garter gather for annual ceremony. About 700 engraved and enameled brass plates of former knights hang over the stalls.

Prince William became the 1,000th knight of the order in 2008.

Audio Tour Available

The Prince of Wales introduced audio tour of the castle providing information about history, architecture and monarchs.
The commentary is available in many international languages.

Visitor Timings

From November – February : visitors are allowed from 10:00 to 16:15.
From March - October : 10:00 to 17:15 is followed.

Please note

  • You can arrive at the castle by train, bus or private vehicle.
  • Tickets can be availed online or at the venue.
  • Clean washrooms and baby care facilities are available around the castle.