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You'll Never Believe These Reasons Why Everyone Loves Train Travel

Reasons Everyone Loves Train Travel
In comparison to buses and planes, train travel is infinitely better and much more romantic. It is a comfortable mode of travel for longer distances, and easily avoids heavy traffic and long lines. Whether it is a trip with family or with friends, a journey by rail is always a fun option to keep.
Roma Dar
Last Updated: Mar 18, 2019
Speed of Life
"It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end."
― Ernest Hemingway
In some parts of the world, traveling by train is a common experience. In other parts, it is a rare and beautiful luxury for some who like the slow, pastoral life, but don't have many opportunities to explore it. As a result of saving time during travel and due to packed schedule, several people end up traveling by plane or take buses for shorter distances.
Rail travel has its own advantages. Many children have happy memories of long days spent in trains, playing games, finding other children to play with, climbing bunk beds, listening to their new Walkman or portable radios, or just gazing out the window for hours and never getting bored.
Long distance travel always had a distinct romanticism attached to it, and if you add to it the old-worldliness of the railways, you combine sight-seeing, easy travel, comfort, luxury and fun in the same mode of transport.
Whether it is a long family vacation or simply wanderlust, choosing the train over other modes is preferred these days. Trains definitely beat getting cramped and cranky in cars, planes AND buses, and extend vacation time by that much more and therefore are better than buses, planes and cars combined.
The Beautiful Scenery
Woman at train door
Once the quarrel of who sits near the window is settled, the winner gets to enjoy hours of beautiful, untamed nature and country, pastoral village life, small towns, acres and acres of beautiful farmlands, and fields in bloom.
The view is not limited to the person sitting there, but is for everyone in the compartment. Every landscape in every weather is breathtaking, and multicolored trees and bridges whir by the window, colors enmeshing into one another.
The Spaciousness
Next to ships, trains offer the most spacious mode of travel. If a big group, the entire compartment or two is free to convert into a temporary camp. One can move around, take a walk, lie down on a bunk, put their legs up, and walk to the dining car for a meal if they feel hungry.
Buses and planes, besides being super cramped, offer the traveler no freedom to dictate his or her own personal space, which results in flayed tempers and stressful journeys.
The Comfort
Woman sleeping in train
In a bus, plane or car, one knows that they are not going to be comfortable, but end up with it due to the less time taken. The gentle, lulling effect of trains is therapeutic to some, with the freedom to sleep in the right position, sit with comfort, decide arrival time.
Trains and stations are also equipped with facilities like washrooms, which are not as strict as airplane facilities, and not present in buses and cars altogether.
Cheaper Baggage Weight
Man walking in train station
When traveling by air, or water, there is always the concern of traveling light and baggage confiscation by authorities. Cars cannot carry lots of luggage either, and the more there is means the less the space for everyone inside the car.
Trains do not require baggage check ins, all luggage is accessible and in front of you, not many items are restricted, and there is no limit to how much you can take, as long as you can carry it around yourself, because it is so much cheaper than airlines.
Relaxation and Entertainment
Young boy looking out of train window
Many modern-day trains have entertainment options for long hours spent within. Local cuisines, world-class fare is on offer. There are televisions, spas and gaming cars. Entertainers also hop on board. Trains, and stations, also have WiFi.
Time to Catch Up
People enjoying and bonding in train journey
Reading, surfing web, talking to friends, family is not new, but with fast transport it does not offer a decent chance to catch up easily. This can be easily done on trains, with enough time for heart-to-heart discussions and bonding time to play poker or Monopoly.
Stability of Pricing
Air tickets are sometimes cheaper than train tickets, but very often airfare prices tend to fluctuate without warning. This unpredictability is off-putting for many people, who prefer to buy tickets that are stable all year round, barring some occasions like holiday season. Stable pricing also means one can book tickets in advance or at the last minute.
Hassle-free Experience
Lady waving her hand trying to catch the train
When commuting by plane, there are rigid guidelines that mean one must arrive hours in advance, pack stressfully with a weight limit in mind, book cabs for commuting to and from the airport, and wait hours in lines.
The same applies to bus travel sometimes. But trains are not at all rigid, and allow commuters to arrive right on time, book a ticket at the last minute, and climb on. There is no checking in, baggage screening, and no lines.
More Accessibility
Remote train station in faraway town
Train stations are a million a mile. The same city has about 2-3 major stations where one may choose to disembark. Unlike bus stations or airports, there is no single point of entry and exit from a particular city, which makes trains easily accessible and convenient.
Family hailing for a taxi
It saves exorbitant amounts of money in taxi fares, reducing the distance from station to destination.
More Interaction with Others
How many times have we been annoyed by pushy, sleeping, snoring, drool-dispersing, armchair-grabbing nincompoops on buses, where you curse yourself for having received the worst co-passenger in traveling history?
Do you remember the last time you had a meaningful conversation with a stranger sitting next to you? The railway commute makes it possible to create such relationships with co-passengers you're forced into a room with for an average of 12 hours.
All-weather Transport
Train traveling in rough snow weather and snow
Trains run in any weather, barring heavy snow, which is almost always taken care of. Blocked roads or stormy weather is no deterrent for trains. So if there is an emergency and all flights are booked or grounded, the train is the best and most convenient solution.
Leisure for Food and Drink
Dining car in train
With bus travel, one cannot eat at all while inside the bus. Air travel usually gives one no choice about when they can eat, or what. Train travel offers people the liberty to not eat or eat just as much as they want.
If they run out of their own food, they simply order something from the dining car, walk there themselves, or buy something at the convenient shops at the numerous stations dotted along the country. This is complete leisure.
Train tracks in countryside
For the eco-friendly traveler, trains are the better option when compared to the amount of emissions that planes, buses and cars emit per person. So this is an added measure to travel by train, for the environment conscious.
Despite the odds and the inhibitions, everyone must undertake a train journey at least once in their lives, just to gain one of the best experiences of traveling there is. After all, if it is the journey that counts and not the destination, then make the journey worth your while and stress-free.