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Reasons Why You Should Travel the World With Your Best Friend

Reasons Why You Should Travel the World With Your Best Friend
Traveling alone is surely great and something that one should experience at least once in a lifetime, but traveling with your best friend is one of the best things that you can undertake. Filled with incredible fun and memories along with more ups and less downs, traveling with your bestie will prove to be a valuable experience and an adventure that you wouldn't have thought of.
Tanaya Navalkar
Last Updated: Jun 7, 2017
A good friend listens to your adventures. A best friend makes them with you.
Reasons to Travel with Your Best Friend
They Know You Inside Out
girls looking at map
You already know all the small and big things about each other. You know each other's eating preferences. You can anticipate each other's needs in advance and know what you're probably allergic to. Your pal also knows that you're scared of lizards or spiders, or how much you love road trips. There won't be any embarrassing discoveries, and you can act as stupid as you want, because your bestie knows how weird you can be, but still loves you anyway!
Your Partner in Crime
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Whether you get lost or find yourself dancing weirdly in public, you'll always have your best friend by your side, dancing with you or clicking pictures to make your trip more memorable without getting embarrassed. Breaking the rules or doing some mischievous things is way more fun with your bestie than doing them alone.
Stronger Bond
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You might be knowing your BFF since forever, but traveling together will reveal a new side of them as well as yours. It will deepen and strengthen the bond between the two of you even more. Stepping out of your comfort zones, and spending days and nights together will help you learn some new things about each other, taking your friendship to a whole new level.
No More Boring Times
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There's no chance of getting bored when your best friend is with you. You both probably never ran out of topics and never will. But IF such a situation does arise, all those personalized playlists of your friend having some crazy songs will come in handy now, and you'll probably thank him/her for having made this list.
Share Everything
two friends having snacks
That means you pack less and shop more! The best part is when you get to swap clothes, and mix and match them. Also, you'll have a variety of clothes to pick from. You won't have to worry if you forget your toothpaste, sunscreen, or even your mobile charger. You won't mind sharing a room or food either, since it will help you stick to your budget.
Drink Anywhere
guys drinking beer in snow
Imagine having beer in the middle of nowhere, like some jungle or an unexplored beach, and having the best random conversation ever! And team it up with a barbecue. The best combination you can ever imagine! This is something that you've always thought of doing back home, but couldn't because of a busy schedule or because your bestie probably stays in another city.
Open to Crazy Things
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From extreme adventure sports to trying out new and authentic cuisines, they're always up for something crazy and risky, and that is what makes the trip more awesome. No drama and no hassles when you have your BFF with you! Because they're as crazy as you, or even more! That's why both of you are best friends, right?
Planning is Less Stressful
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They never say no when you invite them to travel with you! From picking out the destination and booking tickets to planning out the itineraries and navigating in a new, unknown place, you trust them with it all.
Posing Ridiculously
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Because your best friend has the patience to click a billion photos of you and also experiment with ridiculous poses, along with some weird selfies that are super fun only when he/she is around. And the best part, you don't even feel weird about it when other people give you random stares noticing your weirdness. This is what will make you reminiscence about these times years from now.
Your Wingwoman/Wingman
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So, you're probably looking for love and have this huge crush on a cute girl/guy whom you spotted in a bar or while exploring the place. Don't worry! Your best friend will be your wingwoman/wingman who'll tolerate your flirtatious talks and even try to strike up a conversation with him/her.
Making Memories and Stories
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It's great to have some wonderful memories of the best destinations with your favorite human being on this planet. This is something to look back to after years or even decades, and something that you'll never forget.
They Have Your Back
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Whether you're lost or have a flat tire in the middle of nowhere, your best friend will always be there for you, looking out for you always. Moreover, you'll feel safe and your family will not worry much as well, because they know you have each other for company.
Sharing End-of-Trip Blues
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After a few days of fun, you suddenly realize that it's time to return to the daily grind again. You start feeling nostalgic, remembering all the madness that you had all this while. You wish you could go on like this forever. Although equally sad, your best friend is the one who will help you move ahead in this gloomy time, while already planning the next trip and destination.
You Feel at Home
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You may feel a little homesick when you travel, but this is highly unlikely when you're traveling with your best friend. They're a part of your family and a piece of your home that you can carry around wherever you go. Be rest assured that it'll be pretty difficult to miss your family and home with your best friend around.