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8 Super Relaxing Weekend Getaways You'll Go On

Relaxing Weekend Getaways
A vacation doesn't need to be expensive or elaborate to give you the much-needed break from the stress of your everyday routine. Sometimes, simple, yet unique relaxing weekend getaways prove to be more relaxing than a fortnight spent traveling in another continent.
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Last Updated: Jan 24, 2018
Weekends are saviors. They are like the oasis you come across in an otherwise arid desert. They save us from constant functioning, and give us a much needed timeout to sit back and relax. Those of you who don't take the advantage of this opportunity, are doing nothing less than committing a crime. Your mind and your body, both need this cushioning. If I could, I would plan all my weekends right at the start of the year. No seriously, after all the work you put yourself through, for 5 straight days a week, you deserve as much relaxation as possible during the weekends. One way to make sure you do so, is to plan a relaxing getaway. Several ideas are presented below; take your pick!
8 Great Ideas to Plan a Relaxing Weekend
Before we take a look at what you can do, there are a few things you should avoid completely. Don't zero in on an idea that involves a lot of driving. Also, do not exert yourself so much, that you need to seek relaxation during the week. Whichever idea you choose, make sure you indulge in activities in moderation.
beach delight
Especially in the winter months, if you live near the beach, driving there can be relaxing - even if the trip is just for the day. The beaches aren't crowded, and they can be an excellent place for a meditative or invigorating walk. Look for interesting shells that you may not see during an "in-season" beach trip. Pack a picnic lunch and spread out the beach towel. Allowing your mind to take the proverbial "deep breath" is an important part of a mini-retreat. Stop yourself from thinking about work or the things you have wanted to do during this time. Make yourself comfortable on the sand, and stare into the nothingness that lies in front of you!
Hiking in the mountains
Live near the mountains? To plan this mini vacation, see if there's an upcoming mountain festival, fair, or special tour event, and make plans to attend it. Contact local rafting companies to see if they offer rafting or canoeing trips. Ask the locals about interesting places to hike. If you don't have time for all this, just take a tent, light a small campfire and sleep under the stars. Pack some food and with company or without, this getaway will definitely be a calming experience.
Town tour
Another opportunity for a day trip is to visit a neighboring town, especially one you've not spent time in before. Change locations just for a day! Explore the town - drive down main street, park your car, and just stroll around visiting local shops. Ask around to find a good local restaurant and have dinner there, instead of at a chain you're familiar with. Often the most memorable meals are enjoyed at unique places off the beaten path. Don't have time for this research? All you need to do, to plan this cheap mini getaway, is make a list of places you haven't visited in your own town, and set off! Sometimes, spending time in unknown places gives you the satisfaction of breaking away from the mundane.
Visit a theme park
You can plan a mini-vacation to an amusement park without having to pay exorbitant fares for the same. For this, you would have to do some research and watch for the best deals they have to offer on their websites. Theme parks also offer special discounts for students, military officials, and certain membership clubs like AAA and AARP. Packing your own food and drinking water can save you a few bucks, and also spare you from the hazards of sugary, chilled sodas. Planning this relaxing weekend getaway in advance will give you more time to look at options.
Park Picnic
Think you're not getting enough time to spend with your loved one? Is the competitive world today not giving you time to share those few moments of love? Well, all you need then, is a simple weekend spent in one of the numerous parks that adorn your city. Check in at a hotel near the park you select. Spend the entire two days at the park over a packed lunch and with all those things you never had the time to share. Make the most of this weekend with your partner.
Resorts and spas
When you have just about an hour to plan your weekend getaway, a resort or spa nearby is your best bet. Look for a resort that has a spa, and spend the weekend rejuvenating yourself. If visiting the spa means you have to drive, book a cab and avoid the driving. Want company? Ask your girlfriend. Spend two days amidst intoxicating aromas, calming massages, and some great therapy.
Wine tasting tours
Wine tasting is an experience in itself. If you have the taste for good wine, you can go to a vineyard nearby and try out some great liquor. Some vineyards take you through the entire process. Here, you can learn about tasting from the experts themselves, try pigeage (grape stomping), see how wine is stored and other things that go into the making of wine. Wine manufacturers all over the world, keep sending samples to different vineyards that in turn offer it to the public for opinion. Most vineyards also have accommodation facilities.
Yachting Trips
Yachting on a lake can be one of the most relaxing and romantic getaways. You can either rent a yacht and sail it yourself, or hire someone to do so. Every country that offers such recreation, has compulsory certifications that you need to attain before you sail on your own. Sail amidst serene waters and let the freshness rejuvenate your senses. Spend the night star gazing and let the calm environment offer you the solace that is amiss in your daily routine.
Retreats such as these, just like vacations, offer a chance to relax, regroup, recoup, and renew. But they don't have to be spectacular events that require months of planning or reservations in advance. Whether they are week-long, day or overnight trips, it's important to get away at least once a month, from the regular routine and do something different. Be creative and have a happy retreat!
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