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Safe Holiday Destinations for Single Women

Safe Holiday Destinations for Single Women

The best perk of being single is that you can do what you want, when you want, where you want! Ahh.. You are a free bird! Want to test your wings? Here are a few places you would love to fly to, which are among the top safe holiday destinations for single women.
Gauri Huddar
Last Updated: Mar 1, 2018
Life's like a road that you travel on
When there's one day here and the next day gone
Sometimes you bend, sometimes you stand
Sometimes you turn your back to the wind
There's a world outside every darkened door
Where blues won't haunt you anymore
Where the brave are free and the lover's soar
Come ride with me to the distant shore
We won't hesitate
Break down the garden gate
There's not much time left today...

~ Tom Cochrane
(Life Is A Highway)
Have you been struck by wanderlust? Are your toes itching to stop feeling the grass grow under your feet? Then it's time you packed a bag and set out to explore the world. There are so many beautiful places to visit, so many nooks and crannies of the world to explore. Whether you are an adventurer wanting to explore new places, a romantic traveling to see nature's beauty, or simply a traveler keen on absorbing the history, architecture and culture of various places, I've compiled a list of some of the most safe and interesting destinations across the world which you can visit.
Costa Rica
Arenal Volcano National Park
Arenal Volcano National Park, Alajuela
Poas Volcano National Park
Sulfur Lake, Poas Volcano National Park
Suspension Bridge in Rainforest
Suspension Bridge in Rainforest
Catarata de la Fortuna
Catarata de la Fortuna
San Jose Village
San Jose Village
Costa Rica, included in the Pacific Ring Of Fire, is a place for nature-loving, adventurous women, with its amazing rain forests (complete with the famous Canopy Tours), cloud forests, volcanoes, rolling green coffee plantations, exquisite beaches, and a platter full of water sports and activities like white water rafting, scuba diving, sport fishing, surfing, etc. It has a diverse and pleasing climate, due to the different elevations of different places. Summers and winters are not distinctive, and it rains often. Costa Rica is famous for its canopy tours, which give you a peek into the complex ecosystems thriving in the numerous Costa Rican rain forests. It has many active volcanoes (Arenal Volcano being the most spectacular), which provide a dramatic sight when they erupt at night. This is also the perfect place to indulge and pamper yourself naturally, by taking a dip in the hot geysers (Aha! That put a dreamy smile on your face, didn't it?), which are present due to volcanic activities. Besides the natural beauty, Costa Rica has many cafes, art galleries, a rich culture and some beautiful architecture. You can pick up knick-knacks and souvenirs of the trip, at the various arts and crafts shops dotting the villages. This country doesn't have an army! Don't be fooled by the size of this little country though, for it packs in enough to give you the memorable vacation you are craving for! And then, there are always the cowboys, ladies...

Tip: Costa Rica has extremely few addresses and signs (usually given in terms of landmarks), and those that exist are quite quirky. Business cards have been known to have printed addresses on them which say, "Two blocks right from the station, then left from the big palm tree at the corner, down the street, the blue building across Pizza Hut." I'm serious. (I wonder what happens when they call for an ambulance?) Better carry a map with you, and keep asking for directions over and over again, if you want to find your way around.
Amstel River  with the Magere Brug
Amstel River with the Magere Brug
Keizersgracht Holland
Keizersgracht, Holland
Canal Bridge at twilight
Canal Bridge at twilight
St.Nicholas  (Roman Catholic) Church
St.Nicholas (Roman Catholic) Church
Amsterdam, also called Venice of the North, is located close to the North Sea, and has lovely weather all through the year - mild winters and cloudy days. It has a rich cultural history, with buildings dating as far back as the 1400s. It's a unique place built only on huge stakes of piles. Dutch people are the second tallest in the world, and they are also friendly and tolerant. An amusing fact about this place is that, there are more cycles than people here! There are numerous museums dedicated to art, The Anne Frank House, the oldest stock exchange in the world, universities, canals, and many other attractions. They developed their own architectural style called Amsterdamse School, inspired by the Art Deco style which was popular before, which means you get to see quirky, ornate buildings with windows and doors which are oddly shaped! The architecture in this city is very rich and varied, being inspired and influenced by many styles over the centuries. Besides the culture and architecture, Amsterdam offers a fabulous shopping experience with a range of shops, from small specialty stops to high-end department stores, as well as numerous open-air markets. It has a colorful nightlife with ethnic cuisine restaurants, clubs, quaint cafes, etc. You can entertain yourself with opera, theater, music (jazz being a local favorite), cabaret, or witness one of their festivals. You will definitely not have any time to get bored!

Tip: If you are an art freak, you may want to visit in late August, when the famous Uitmarkt annual cultural event commences, marking the start of a month long cultural season. It is a three day event, with famous and budding, local and international artists, musicians and poets displaying their talents!
Northern Europe
Hnausapollur Lake
Hnausapollur Lake, Iceland
Egeskov Castle
Egeskov Castle, Denmark
Lutheran Cathedral
Lutheran Cathedral, Finland
Kjerag Mountain
Kjerag Mountain, Norway
Boviken Sunset  in Sweden
Boviken Sunset in Sweden
There is so much to do in Europe, you probably will end up extending your vacation! There are innumerable places to visit, each with their specialties and unique attractions and lures! If you are a romantic at heart, the beauty this place offers will mesmerize you. You can stir awake the little girl inside yourself, and go visit Saint Nick in the village of Santa Claus in Finland, or go winter rally driving on forest trails to get a taste of racing! You could go witness the awe inspiring Northern Lights in Norway, go swimming with whales (thankfully, these predators prefer herring over pretty women, so you should be quite safe with them!), or hike up to the pinnacle of the Pulpit Rock to take in the beautiful views. Visit in June, and you could get to be part of the Midsummer's Eve Festival in Sweden, with merry dancing all through the night, or take in a show at the Operan if you are into theater and want to absorb the culture, relive your childhood by visiting the Liseberg Theme Park (largest in the country), besides other fun things like water sports and skiing, and sleep in the cold embrace of the famous Ice Hotel! The Vasa Museum in Sweden displays the relics (jewels, money, clothes, etc.) of a 16th century sunken ship, discovered in the 20th century! If you are in Denmark, be sure to visit the small, picturesque village of Skagen with the ethereal lights in the sky, let your hair down at the Roskilde Festival which is supposed to be one of the biggest live music festivals in Europe, and if want to see a stunning interplay of color, visit the Island of Mon which has turquoise waters lapping against the pristine white slopes of the mountains! There are cafes and clubs and a vibrant night life, with great music and dancing. Visit the volcanoes in Iceland in a helicopter or go heliskiing, rafting or playing with whales in the Arctic, on boat trips, and bird watching. Live out the romance!

Tip: If you are a house proud woman, you must bag some of the porcelain from Copenhagen, and ceramics from Bornholm. And don't forget to taste the Danish pastries!
Blackrock Castle
Blackrock Castle, County Cork
Dunbrody Abbey
Dunbrody Abbey, County Wexford
Dingle Peninsula
Dingle Peninsula, County Kerry
Giant's Causeway
Giant's Causeway, World Heritage Site
Doonagore Castle
Doonagore Castle, County Clare
River Shannon
River Shannon
Trim Castle at Sunset
Trim Castle at Sunset
St. Patricks Cathedral
St. Patricks Cathedral, Dublin
Howth Castle
Howth Castle, Fingal County
The Grand Canal
The Grand Canal, Dublin
Ireland! Sigh... I simply cannot put into words the beauty of this place, so I've put in more pictures instead. The vast expanses of lush green countryside, meadows and pastures, the rivers and castles (specially the haunted Ballygally Castle), the forts on Aran Islands, lighthouses and cathedrals, quaint cottages, ancient monuments and heritage centers, cafes and stores, innumerable places to visit, national parks, rivers and beaches, and I can go on dreamily for hours about this breathtaking country! One place I really want to, and will, visit. It's a rainy place though, so be warned and don't expect to smile at the sun too often. The people are lively and friendly with a charming accent (remember Gerry - played by Gerard Butler from P.S.I Love You?). If you happen to be visiting in January, you will have a pleasant surprise, for the 6th of January is celebrated as 'Little Women's Christmas' day and is accompanied by a traditional girls night out (cute or what, i ask you?)! There is also a Shrove Tuesday Pancake festival, where you can stuff your face all you want! The spas in Ireland have been voted as some of the best, so you really shouldn't miss a chance to get yourself pampered. The music, culture and cuisine is rich and delightful, and you could spend an idyllic vacation here, by renting a cozy cottage! I better stop with a quick tip lest I get carried away and take off for the country myself!

Tip: May to August is the best time for visiting, since the sun shines sometimes during this period, and you can actually get out and visit the places shown in the pictures above!
Banff National Park
Banff National Park, Rocky Mountains
East Quoddy  Lighthouse
East Quoddy Lighthouse
Chateau Frontenac
Chateau Frontenac, Quebec
Tonquin Valley
Tonquin Valley, Alberta
When you hear Canada, you have to think big. And i mean BIG. Right from the size of this country (the second largest in the world after Russia), the mountains, the animals found in the region, the glaciers, etc., everything is huge! Now that we have covered huge, let's talk about the cold! It is teeth-chattering cold here, with temperatures dipping to -40ºC and the average daily temperature in most regions in winter being -15ºC!! Yes women, it's time to get out your collection of those warm, colorful sweaters you hardly got a chance to use, and snuggle into their warmth if you don't want to freeze! Summers can be extreme too, with the temperatures soaring to 40ºC. Canada is a mosaic of different cultures and sub cultures, which have been strongly influenced by the Aboriginals. There is no dearth of places to visit in Canada, and starting with the famous Niagara Falls, you can visit Banff National Park, Tonquin Valley, Caraquet Bay, the prairies, quaint Old Quebec City with its charm of a time gone by and slightly European flavor, The Bay of Fundy with its high tides, the national parks and viking trails, the picturesque Sea to Sky Highway leading to the town of Whistler (known for its spas and food), the Pacific Rim National Park, Calgary Stampede (the largest rodeo in the world), and tons of other places! You can sit in one of the local restaurants with a plate piled high with the local delicacies, sip on some sparkling wine, and unwind with some popular Canadian music, if you want to spend a lazy evening. The Canadians are a nice, laid back bunch of people with a wonderful sense of humor, and love to watch TV (it's quite common to have a TV in the bathroom too!) Canada knows how to treat its tourists well, so don't think too much! Go on, have fun!

Tip: The local lingo in Canada can be quite confusing, so you may want to pick up some common words or sayings beforehand! Also, since there is no real summer (summer is when it's not snowing!), make sure you have packed enough warm clothes to cook yourself in!
City Palace
City Palace, Rajasthan
Lotus Temple
Lotus Temple, Delhi
Thottada Beach
Thottada Beach, Kerala
Taj Mahal
Taj Mahal, Agra, Delhi
Ranthambore National Park
Ranthambore National Park
Sundarbans, West Bengal
Tea Plantation
Tea Plantation, Darjeeling, Assam
Thar Desert
Thar Desert, Rajasthan
Now, how could I possibly sum up this place in a mere paragraph! There is hardly a thing you would want to see, and not find in India! From deserts to rain forests, from mountain ranges to miles and miles of beaches and coastal areas, from architectural wonders and masterpieces to ancient civilizations, from wildlife sanctuaries to grand palaces and mesmerizing temples, this country is over flowing with history, culture and surprises! It's not really for the faint-hearted though, with all the traffic, crowds and the (in)famous hot Indian summers! People all over the world go to India to seek spiritual contentment, and many say that you cannot come out of the place without being deeply moved. The cuisine is varied and so is the culture. Nature, in all its glory, can be experienced in one country - you can scale the mighty Himalayas or sun bathe on the picturesque beaches of Goa, stroll through the tea plantations in Assam, trek through rain forests, take a boat ride in the breathtaking backwaters of Kerala (God's own Country) or even rent a boat house there, witness the wildlife in the sanctuaries, dine in the opulent and majestic palaces in Rajasthan, or hop onto a camel for a ride across the Thar desert. Nowhere else will you find people calmly navigating around cows and buffaloes in a busy traffic intersection, people riding horses, camels and elephants on the road, or see vendors sitting cross-legged on the roadside selling their wares! It's a colorful, noisy, vibrant and pulsating country, where there is simply no time to get bored, there is always something new to be discovered. The people are friendly and helpful, though you must beware of pickpockets, especially if you are in Mumbai and traveling by the local trains there! This is a safe place to be, as long as you avoid the really secluded areas of the country and mingle with the crowds! The food here is world renewed for being spicy and tickling your taste buds, with a variety of special dishes corresponding to each state - chaat being the hot favorite in many regions! But if you have a delicate stomach, make sure you stay away from the really spicy stuff. All in all, this place should definitely be one of the top, in your list of places to visit.

Tip: Avoid using the rickshaw for commuting, and if you do, ask to be shown the meter card before you pay, as well as asking people on the way for directions, or you could very well be taken for a long ride!
Hradcany Castle
Hradcany Castle, overlooking Charles Bridge
Charles Brdige
Charles Brdige
The Church Of Our Lady
The Church Of Our Lady, Pajara
St. Vitus Cathedral
St. Vitus Cathedral, Prague
If you are a woman who loves art in any form, you must have Prague at the top of your list. This place is an artist's paradise! Prague is renowned for its Opera, music concerts, ballet, mime and marionette theater, and the nightlife in clubs is centered around soulful 80s music! This town also does justice to the 'Goth' concept, with its Gothic architecture, sculpture and art. The other attractions for art lovers are the numerous museums, the architecture that is seeped in history, and the palaces and castles which are sometimes referred to as the pride of Prague, with the Charles Bridge, Astronomical Clock, and the Lennon Wall being the most famous! You can also take one of their famous cruises, or attend exhibitions in their numerous palaces and galleries. This is one bewitching city, and attracts tourists with an amazing variety of festivals throughout the year; the Prague Winter, Prague Autumn, Easter Monday, Writers' Festival, FabioFest, Witches' Night, World Festival of Puppet Art, Summer Shakespeare Festival, Wine Festival, etc., to name a few of them! If you believe yourself to be an artist, then this is one destination you must NOT miss, ladies! If the supernatural fascinates you, then you can opt for the Ghosts and Legends of Prague Walking Tour, and experience the chills and thrills of the most haunted places in Prague! There are lots of other activities too, like go karting, biking, paintballing, hot air balloon fighting, shooting, castle seeing tours, and white water rafting... All you art aficionados, you now know where to go, the first chance you get! Head to Prague, and you will be waxing lyrical about this place when you return!

Tip: Even though artist community the world over has the self granted liberty to dress a little eccentrically, please do not wear jeans or shorts when going for the Opera show! Dress appropriately if you want to be let in. What can I say, they don't like it!
Australia and New Zealand
Purnululu National  Park
Purnululu National Park
Hornby Lighthouse
Hornby Lighthouse, Sydney
The Bare Island
The Bare Island, Australia
Pinnacles Desert
Pinnacles Desert, Nambung National Park
Whitehaven Beach
Whitehaven Beach, Whitsunday Island
Champagne Pool
Champagne Pool, Wakiato, New Zealand
Lake Pukaki and Emerald Glacier
Lake Pukaki and Emerald Glacier
Milford Sounds Landscape
Milford Sounds Landscape
Abel Tasman National Park
Abel Tasman National Park, New Zealand
Queen Charlotte Sound
Queen Charlotte Sound, Marlborough
If you've been over working yourself lately, then a trip 'Down Under' may turn out to be just what the doctor prescribed! These island places offer stunning and breathtaking vistas of beaches, wildlife, forests, national parks, and landscapes, to give you the best medicine for rejuvenating yourself! Words won't do justice to the naturally gorgeous landscape these countries have been showered with, so I won't try! And there is more than enough to keep you busy, other than the natural attractions. The art and entertainment of both these places is popular throughout the world, with Australian movies winning a worldwide audience, and the unique flavor of music in New Zealand which is the result of the influence of many genres... The cruises can bring to life the most jaded hearts, the energy and passion of the people is contagious, and the numerous islands - with their beaches and coastlines - that make up these places are a treat for your eyes! The night life is happening, and there is absolutely no shortage of activities to do during the day too! Hiking, scuba diving, bungee jumping, skiing, rafting, etc., are some of the things you can try your hand at. You can discover the local cuisine and guzzle their famous wines on a beachfront restaurant, under the starlit sky, with the waves lapping on the shores, and .... You get the point! Sounds like heaven? Then get packing and set off on a discovery!

Tip: Get home some original Chardonnay, to sip on lazy evenings while reliving your vacation!
Alhambra Palace
Alhambra Palace, Andalusia
Tagus River
Tagus River, Iberian Peninsula
The Alcazar of Segovia
The Alcazar of Segovia
The Arab Baths
The Arab Baths
Think Spain, and you generally think of romantic castles. And if you plan a trip to this charming land, you will not be disappointed! It has the most World Heritage Cities, and ranks 2nd in the list of Places with the most World Heritage Sites. The climate is amazing, the lifestyle is relaxed and fun, the cuisine is delectable (as is the wine!), there are islands and beaches, colorful and vibrant festivals, great (and very loud) nightlife (which usually starts in the wee hours of the morning, with some clubs actually opening for business at 1 in the night!), and of course, lots of places and stores for shopping! Is it any wonder then, that the tourism industry in Spain is the second largest in the world?! If you are in Spain on new year's eve, then you can partake in the unique grape-eating tradition which happens before the clock strikes 12! The Spaniards are family people, very patriotic, very polite, stylish, and they love their food and football! Their cinema, fashion, goose-flesh-inducing Flamenco music, famous afternoon siestas, eye for beauty (don't be alarmed if you get a few appreciative, but harmless, catcalls/ whistles!), and bullfights are popular throughout the world. The architectural heritage of Spain is varied, and the castles here are sigh-eliciting and fairy tale-ish, and will definitely appeal to the romantic in you! Also, you can get home their famous cheese, and try their famous, mouth-watering sausages... There are enough beautiful places to visit, and you will have the vacation of your dreams!

Tip: Spaniards are very, and i mean, VERY particular about their table manners, so make sure you take your lessons before you go to someone's house for lunch/ dinner! You don't want to offend such lovely people after all, would ya? Also make sure you take care of the money matters before you leave, since American credit cards are not accepted throughout Spain. If you are a music freak, you will most definitely want to get yourself the famous Spanish Guitar!
Ha Long Bay
Ha Long Bay
City Hall
City Hall, Ho Chi Minh City
Cham Temple
Cham Temple
Vinh Trang Pagoda
Vinh Trang Pagoda, My Tho
Vietnam is one of the most hospitable places to visit, and the Vietnamese people are very warm and welcoming. A tourist should have no problem adapting to the place, its way of life and its traditions. Vietnam is famous for its underwater caves, water puppets, cuisine (a cross between Chinese and Thai cuisines), agricultural products and crafting skills, temples, palaces, pagodas, etc., its biodiversity, having one of the lowest unemployment rates in the Third World, mineral deposits, forests, beaches and bays! The Ha Long Bay, with its seascape of limestone pillars, is considered to be the most beautiful place in Vietnam. The art, culture and architecture in Vietnam has been developing since the stone age, and has evolved dramatically over the centuries. It is strongly influenced by Chinese culture. The nightlife has come a long way and there are many other things you can do now, other than pub hopping. They have many cultural shows and festivals, and the ethnicity of Vietnam is on display in full glory during the Bac Ha Sunday Market. Besides this, you can visit the museums, national parks, sanctuaries, go hiking, scuba diving, etc. This place is a dream if you are interested in wildlife photography. If you want to get a taste of the culture and spirit of Vietnam, then the Festival of Hue is where you should head.

Tip: Vietnam is famous for its paintings - woodblock, silk, gouache, lacquer, etc., - and you may want to pick up a few works of art for your home!
So what are you waiting for, woman? Pack your bags, roll up your sleeves, tie your laces and set off... Whichever place you pick, remember whatTwain said - "Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover." Let down your hair and scatter your worries in the wind...