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Scottish Castles - Reminders of an Ancient and Significant Legacy

Kashmira Lad Jul 14, 2019
The landscapes of Scotland are dotted with beautiful castles. Castles are a unique and important part to the history of Scotland. Let's look at the most important ones, which have served the royals and the governments in those times.
The Scottish castles are a symbol of the grand history and its historical significance is unmatched. There are approximately 3,000 castles and these beautiful monuments have a story to tell and although not every castle is open to public view, a trip to Scotland would definitely be worth all the effort.

The Most Important Castles of Scotland

Castle Fraser

Located near Inverurie, which lies in the Aberdeenshire area of Scotland. This beautiful castle has also served as a backdrop for some of the scenes that were shot in the 2006 film, the Queen.
It was originally known as the Muchall-in-Mar. The planning for the castle began in the year 1575 and was completed in the year 1636. It is open for public viewing in the summer months.

Edinburgh Castle

It is the second most popular tourist destination in Scotland. Interestingly, this castle stands upon an extinct volcano, which had risen 340 million years ago.
Speculations are rife about the origins of the Edinburgh castle and experts say that it was constructed in the mid of second century AD. This towering structure can be seen against the beautiful skyline where it sits majestically atop Castle Rock. This Scottish castle has also been the center of military activities.

Dundonald Castle

The origin of the name, which includes 'Donald', is actually unknown to most historians. It is believed that Donald may have been one of the three kings medieval kings.
Around three castles were known to be present at this site. It is located on a hill and this area overlooks the village of Dundonald. Today, it houses a visitor's center that is complete with a café and other attractions.

Edzell Castle

The Edzell castle was built in the 16th century. David Lindsay started its construction in the year 1520. Later on, the Earl of Dalhousie ultimately owned it. This castle is known for a rather unusual walled garden. This garden served the purpose of recreation for all the guests.
There is also an association with symbolism with regards to the structure of this garden. Today, this castle basically comprises a tower house and also has a range of buildings within its courtyard.

Drum Castle

It is located near Drumoak, which is in Aberdeenshire in Scotland.
Historians suggest that the original tower of drum castle was the creativity of architect Richard Cementarius. At present, the National Trust for Scotland owns this beautiful castle. Earlier, it served to be the place of the chief of Clan Irvine.

Bothwell Castle

It is a medieval castle and was built in the 13th century. It also has the reputation to be the largest stone castle in the country. It is located on a very steep bank which is located above a bend in the River Clyde.
A round shaped tower characterizes this magnificent castle. William Moray is known to have constructed and developed this site, but due to invasions, it saw itself in different hands during various periods.

Caerlaverock Castle

Another popular tourist destination in Scotland. The actual ownership of this magnificent castle is said to have been with Undwin and his son Marcus.
This was approximately in the eleventh century. It is known for its unique triangular shape, which also witnessed many additions in due course of time. It also faced several invasions. During a particular battle, certain towers of this castle were demolished and it remains in this state till date.

Castle Sween

Named after Suibhne, as its believed that he was the one who probably built this castle. It has also changed hands during the years. Earlier, it displayed certain wooden structures, which are not visible today. Castle Sween is located on the eastern shore of Loch Sween which is situated on the western coast of Argyll in Scotland.