Exploring the Seychelles Islands

Claudia Miclaus Jun 30, 2019
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Are you dreaming of a paradisaical place to spend your vacation? Know about the lovely Seychelles islands situated in the heart of the Indian Ocean!
Also known as the jewels of the Indian Ocean, Seychelles islands are situated immediately under the equator, in the Indian Ocean, on a surface of 400,000 square km. The archipelago has 115 islands. The name of the archipelago was given by the Portuguese, who called it "seven sisters".
Vasco da Gama was the first navigator who signaled them at the beginning of the 16th century, but the islands were left uninhabited for some other 150 years, until the arrival of the French people.
Seychelles is considered to be a genuine paradise and one of the most beautiful archipelagos in the world. Palm trees, exotic fruit, crystal clear water, tropical gardens embellish these extremely beautiful islands.
The most well-known islands are Mahe, La Digue, Praslin, Silhouette, Bird, Fregate, Desroches. The national currency here is the Seychellois Rupee. Seychelles islands are the ideal destination for a honeymoon or for a travel to make you feel special. Because of its sunny days, dreamy beaches and charming landscapes, one can have a splendid trip!
At any rate, these islands do indeed enjoy a lot of visitors all through the year, since they have gained so much popularity to the tourists' eyes. This type of popularity has undoubtedly been gained through books, movies, commercials, and so on and so forth. Tropical islands in general have this quality of magnetizing civilized people, fascinating them.
The mere thought of enjoying a magnificent view, a magnificent sunrise every morning instead of the noisy cars and tumult of the busy city life, together with seemingly endless seas, seems quite enough for most people who want to get there as soon as possible.
Seychelles is an archipelago in the heart of the Indian Ocean. With its 115 islands Seychelles is made of both interior and exterior islands. The interior islands are the ones found close to Mahé Island, and the exterior ones are the farthest among them, such as Amirantes, Farquhar group and Aldabra group.
Seychelles is closer to Madagascar Island than to the African continent. Even if the islands are part of an archipelago, each of them has its own traditions and identity. But what do these islands have in common? They all share the fact that they all possess beaches with fine sand, and are surrounded by palm trees and by turquoise colored water.
Seychelles islands shelter some unique sea species which are incredibly interesting and very colorful. In this fairytale land, one can admire some huge turtles, small fish or starfish. The birds are also one of the main attractions. For this very reason, 42% out of the archipelago's territory is protected and declared natural reservation.
The main island is called Mahé and stretches up to 150 km, sheltering the town of Victoria, which is also the archipelago's capital. Here, one can find many types of attractions and entertainment.
For shopping addicts, the shops, the stores, the boutiques, the craft galleries, all these are ideal places for buying trinkets and souvenirs. Take a tour of the Bazaar, through the biggest market on Market Street, there is the place where one can find almost anything.
Situated 36 km from Mahé, Morne National Park is ideal for hiking, and has many tracks that will certainly bring joy to the experts. Here you can find a tropical forest with palm trees - sea coconut, to be more exact. Beaches here are beautiful, especially Anse Lazio beach, which is one of the most beautiful in the world.
If you are in for a paradise tour, Digue Island is the ideal place. Authentic and traditional, this seems to be lost in time, as if nothing had changed throughout history. It is calm and tranquil, with numerous attractions, such as visiting parks, scuba diving and fishing.
Seychelles islands are the key to a successful tour! The spoken languages here are English, French and Seychellois Creole. The highest prices and the most crowded period are in the months of December, January, July and August. So, choose your next vacation to explore this amazing land!