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Shibuya Crossing Tokyo: An Iconic Intersection!

Swarali Jambhale Aug 28, 2019
Shibuya is undoubtedly the busiest district of Tokyo that clearly makes the Shibuya Crossing the world’s wildest crossing with almost 5,000 legs walking on the 5 crosswalks at a time!
One cannot leave Tokyo without capturing the Shibuya crossing in the minds and cameras! The world’s largest pedestrian crossing ought to be a spectacular view!

Thanks to the Shibuya Station

The 2.4 million passengers, the station sees every day contributes to some of the Shibuya crossing pedestrians!

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The Scramble

Imagine 2500 – 3000 people crossing over a road at a time from all directions! Now you know why the name - The Scramble!

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The Umbrella Scramble!

Think of the Scramble in rains! Umbrellas moving with neon-lit advertisements flashing and lights just bettering the view.

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Get a Drone View From…

The Mag’s Park! Yes get going to the 10th floor of the Shibuya 109 store and sink in the views of Shibuya Crossing!

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Kingdom of Starbucks

The Starbucks overlooking the crossing is the busiest and the highest grossing branch in the world!

Hachiko - A Dog Statue

An Akita dog and his owner met at the Shibuya Station every evening in the 1920s. Sadly, the owner died in 1925, but the dog came to the station for the next 10 years until he died! Doesn’t he deserve a tribute?

A Hollywood Hotspot

The place is almost a celebrity now, starring in “Lost in Translation”, “The Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift”, “Resident Evil: Afterlife ”, “Retribution”, has also given a cameo in the 2016 Summer Olympic Closing Ceremony….thats so much!

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Thousands of people from all directions walking on the crosswalks of this Shibuya Crossing manage to get through just so easy each and every day!