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Shop Till You Drop In These Biggest Malls In the World

Batul Nafisa Baxamusa May 23, 2019
Shopping malls today are more than just places you buy your daily stuff. They are now venues to indulge in pampering yourself with brands, enjoying seasonal sales, eating and drinking tasty treats, watching a movie or just a place to hang out with your gang and enjoying gaming parlors.
Shopping malls are getting bigger and better. Most of the biggest malls in the world are located in Asia. This may be due to the availability of large lands and cheap labor. Let us have a look at the largest malls in the world that offers you something more than just a simple shopping experience.

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1. New South China Mall

Area: 7,100,000 square feet

Location: Dongguan, China

Year Opened: 2005
The lack of occupants after its opening earned New South China Mall the nickname of ‘Ghost Mall’. In 2015, extensive renovations helped it arise from death like a phoenix. Today, it has amusement attraction for kids, IMAX-style cinema, a better mix of retail and non-retail shops that cater to middle class Chinese rather than just the creamy layer of China.

2. Golden Resources Mall

Area: 6,000,010 square feet

Location: Beijing, China

Year Opened: 2004
Golden Resources Mall also nicknamed ‘Great Mall of China’ is 1.5x the size of Mall of America. It offers amenities that include entertainment, theme amusement parks, exclusive stores, indoor plaza, automobile display hall, theme canteens, recreational places, etc.

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3. Dubai Mall

Area: 3,800,000 square feet

Location: Dubai, UAE

Year Opened: 2008
The second biggest mall in the world, in terms of the total land area, is The Dubai Mall. It has more than 1,200 shops that not just offer exclusive shopping and dining options but also has an ice rink, an aquarium, as well as a multiplex cinema. This is definitely a shopper’s paradise with the best products from around the world sold under one roof.


Area: 5,650,000 square feet

Location: Bangkok, Thailand

Year Opened: 2018
ICONSIAM is a dazzling shopping attraction in Bangkok. It has the first Apple store in Thailand, 7 floors of the ultimate Japanese shopping experience, indoor floating market, largest original Adidas store, world-class dining experience, a heritage museum, 10-levels of glitz and glam of shopping excitement and more.

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5. SM City North EDSA

Area: 5,360,000 square feet

Location: Quezon City, Philippines

Year Opened: 1985
The SM City North EDSA shopping mall is the 1st and the largest shopping mall in the Philippines and the 8th largest mall in the world. It has an amusement area, ice skating, electronic market, departmental stores, food courts, casual dining areas, pet shops, printing shops, etc. You name it and you will find it here at this shopping haven in Manila.

Some of the most famous and biggest malls in the world include:

  • Central World – Bangkok, Thailand
  • Berjaya Times Square – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • Istanbul Cevahir Mall – Istanbul, Turkey
  • West Edmonton Mall – Alberta, Canada
  • Morocco Mall – Casablanca, Morocco
  • King of Prussia Mall – Pennsylvania, USA
These malls sound impressive, don't they? They tend to bring the local as well as global market under a single roof. A day at these biggest malls will lead to spending a whale of your time and money.