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Should You Go on All-inclusive Holidays?

Buzzle Staff Sep 28, 2019
The idea of not needing to think of spending money for a week sounds glorious, but don't book that all-inclusive vacation just yet. This information will tell you the pros and cons of going on an all-inclusive holiday.

Exercise caution

Though some resorts claim to sponsor all meals, they do so only till a specific time in the evening. Always read the entire dossier of terms and conditions before making the final payment.

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All-inclusive trips usually include the cost of food, stay, travel, and certain other activities for the entire duration of the trip. But in most practical cases, this definition changes from resort to resort and company to company. Certain hotels do not include costs of entertainment while some do.

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So, "due diligence" is the keyword phrase to be kept in mind when looking out for travel deals of any kind. All-inclusive resorts can be either utopian or a nightmare depending on both the resort and your travel personality. The way to discover which camp you belong to isn't really difficult.

A General Idea about All-inclusive Travel Deals

A few resorts will include everything-travel expenses, meals, entertainment, adventure activities, sight-seeing, and maybe some other things as well.
Others will only charge for travel, meals, and entertainment; things like spa treatments and certain excursions will cost extra. The cheaper packages will mostly not offer alcoholic drinks, certain expensive areas for sight-seeing, and unique adventure activities as part of the deal.

Deciding What's Perfect for You

All-inclusive resorts are tempting because everything is right there about 10 to 15 footsteps away. If you want to swim, snorkel, windsurf, just walk to the beach.

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If you want to work out, attend a pottery class, or opt for local history lessons, head to the activities building. If you want to see a show, dance, or get drunk, the entertainment complex will only be a minute away.
You can have a complete vacation without ever having to leave the resort. All-inclusive holidays are great for those who only want to relax.
If you're an explorer, chances are very high that all-inclusive deals will never work well for you. If you want to travel around the city you've traveled thousands of miles to arrive at in the first place, you might have to arrange for paid transportation on your own.
An all-inclusive trip takes you to only those places which are listed in their brochure-popular attractions that are well-flocked and known the world over. Little explored and highly exotic local destinations are seldom included in these packages.
When it comes to food, some people usually wish to try the local cuisine, which may not be available at the resort.

Of course, shopping will always be a personal expense whether you choose an all-inclusive holiday or otherwise for yourself.

Local Flavor or Whatever is Available?

All-inclusive resorts want you to spend your entire vacation within the resort walls, so they go out of their way to make the surroundings as beautiful as possible. In this process, however, certain cliches do set in. If it's on a beach, there will be palm trees and tropical flowers everywhere.
If it's amidst mountains, be ready to see huge stone fireplaces and faux-rustic log cabins. The problem is basically that in spite of the efforts taken to elaborately do up the interiors, these resorts still lack the raw and original flavor that is quintessentially unique to the region the resort is located in. They all still look very artificially done up.
All-inclusive resorts all tend to look the same with very little local flavor. If you only want to relax and give your brain a week off, this factor may not bother you. But if new experiences are an important part of travel, you should at least make sure that there are frequent excursions to town so you can see and explore the actual place you're visiting.

If Solitude is a Priority

When you travel independently, you get to decide the level of human contact that occurs to a good extent. With all-inclusive resorts, there will be togetherness to the nth degree. Solitude is really in short supply. In some resorts, the annoying summer-camp brand of coerced friendship, that is quite the opposite of relaxing, is forced upon guests.
Restaurant tables might be communal, beach lounges may be packed, and the entertainment options may seem designed to get you to interact with others.
If you're an introvert or are just looking to spend some quality time alone with either yourself or your partner, certain all-inclusive may not be for you. Similarly, if you're looking for peace and quiet, the blaring music from ubiquitous hidden speakers will drive you mad.

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All-inclusive can be fun if you know exactly how you want your vacation to go and the areas in which excess expenditure may occur. Do your research and find one that has everything you think you will want to indulge in. You work hard for your vacation, and you deserve to enjoy it.