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Facts about Sinaia

Facts about Sinaia: One of the Most Magnificent Palaces of Europe

A great place for health and vacation, Sinaia is a town in Romania, also called 'The Pearl of the Carpathians'. It is indeed so, as it hosts castles like Peles Palace, which is one of the best maintained royal palaces in Europe.
Claudia Miclaus
Last Updated: Aug 12, 2017
Famous for its baths rich in healing minerals, Sinaia is one of the most important health resorts in Romania, providing top quality conditions of spending free time, and getting treatment, all yearlong for all the agegroups. It is a town in Central Romania, on the Prahova River, at the bottom of the Bucegi Mountains, at a fluctuating altitude (between 798-971 m), 62 km northeast of Ploiesti, and 121 km away from Bucharest ― the capital of Romania.

The clime is subalpine, with chilly summers (57 - 61°F in July) and not too cold winters (38°F in January). The annual average temperature is approximately 44°F, and the average precipitations is 800 - 1000 mm. Snowfall in winter starts towards the end of September and lasts till the end of March. Having excellent curing powers, the clime is characterized by a low atmospheric pressure, with very clean air, without any dust and other chemical or allergic particles, and rich in ozone. Sinaia is famous for its mineral water springs rich in sulfur, bicarbonate, calcium, magnesium, and many other minerals that bring benefits to our health.

Also called 'The Pearl of the Carpathians', Sinaia gives its tourists excellent conditions in the treatment of neurasthenia, digestion diseases, liver malfunctions, endocrine perturbations, breathing problems, and numerous other issues. It offers housing at very modern hotels viz., Alpine, Palace, Sinaia, Montana, Paltinis, Cota 1400, etc., and comfortable houses, private houses, and cabins are also available. For those who like winter sports, Sinaia is the solution. Bobsleds which is 1.5 km length path, skis and sleds are just a few examples of what you can find here.

Before the Second World War and the exile of the royal family, Sinaia was the place that the royal family spent their summers at. The first place that is a 'must see' is the Sinaia Monastery; which is still active even though it was built in 1695. The monks that live there are mostly kind older men that still wear traditional clothing. These monks are always happy to show you the monastery and respond to any questions you may have. They speak not only Romanian but German as well.

Another good place to visit is the Peles Palace; which is one of the best maintained royal palaces in Europe. It was used as a summer residence for the first Hohennzollern king of Romania ― Carol the first. Built in the second half of the XIX century, it was constructed to imitate the building styles of the king's home country. It is rich in sculptures and wood carvings with highly carved stairways and even a hallway made out of mirrors. There are tours of the Palace that are in English.

Close to the Peles Palace is the Pelisor, which was built as the summer cottage for the second king of the Hohenzollern dynasty ― Ferdinand. It's not as big as the Peles, but it offers more comfort. A little farther down the road and you will find a palace built by the dictator Ceausescu. It was built in the Spanish style with the purpose of outdoing the two previous palaces. A guide is not available at this palace but all you have to do is climb up a path that has its starting place right there at the palace, in doing so you will get a spectacular view of the palace and the valley surrounding it.

So come, visit, improve your health, enjoy the saunas and the mountains!
Pelisor Castle, Romania
Sinaia landscape