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Spanish Phrases for Travelers

Spanish Phrases for Travelers

Are you planning a vacation to Spain but aren't sure how to ask directions? Find some Spanish phrases in this article that will help you in the journey.
Arjun Kulkarni
Hola Señor! Habla Español?

Spanish is one of the languages that finds its origin in Latin and it is very easy to learn if you know Italian or French. However, you need not worry even if you do not know any of the above languages. Here's a common Spanish phrases guide which will help you learn some of the important and most used phrases. So get ready to start the Iberian journey.
Learn the 'Ñ' and Pronunciations
In case you haven't noticed, there seems to be a predominant occurrence of the letter 'n' with some wiggly thing on the top. This letter is very important as it differentiates the Spanish language from English. It is known in Spanish as 'enyay' and is pronounced as 'ny'. Just think of how you pronounce the last syllable in 'lasagna', the 'ñ' is used in a similar way. Ever heard of the word pinata? It is pronounced as pinyaata, because in Spanish it is spelled with the 'ñ' i.e. piñata.

Unlike English, Spanish is pronounced largely the way it is written. But there are situations where the English and Spanish pronunciations vary. The 'J' is pronounced as 'kh'. The 'll' is pronounced as 'ya'. And the 'h' isn't pronounced at all. Keeping all this in mind, let us now proceed to the useful Spanish phrases and words.
Popular Phrases and Words
The first thing that you should know how to say if you don't know Spanish, is "I don't know how to speak Spanish". This will help you as Spanish people will then try to converse in English or other language that you know. Here are some of the most popular Spanish phrases.

Spanish Phrase English Meaning
No Hablo Español I do not speak Spanish
No comprendo Español I do not understand Spanish
Habla Ingles? Do you speak English?
Hola! Buenos Dias Hello! Good Morning/Good Day
Si Yes
No No
Buenas Tardes/Buenas Noches Good Afternoon/Good Night
Donde queda el baño? Where is the toilet? (very important!)
Señores Gentlemen (so that you don't end up in the wrong toilet!
Mujeres Ladies
Por favor Please
Muchas Gracias Thank you very much
Perdon? Excuse me?/Pardon me?
Como llego a ... How do you go to ... (name of the place)
Cuanto cuesta esto? How much does this cost?
Que es esto What is this?
Me llamo... My name is...
Como se dice... en español? How do you say... in Spanish?
Te Quiero I love you (just in case you find someone nice!)
No fumar No smoking
Entrada Entrance
Salida Exit
Hasta luego See you later
Adios Goodbye
So now when you go Spain, you will be well-equipped to handle quite a few situations. Besides the phrases mentioned above, you can learn more if you find the language interesting. There are various 'apps' available on Android, iOS, etc., that help you translate words from some of the most used languages into Spanish.