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Splendid Things to Do and See in Edinburg, Scotland

Prerana Jamdarkhana Jul 25, 2019
Edinburg has been the capital city of Scotland since the 15th century. The medieval and neoclassical architectural buildings painting the magnificent skyline, international festivals celebrated in pomp and the rich history of Edinburg, carves a mark in our memory forever.

Awe at Edinburg Castle

A building of endured times, the dominant fortress atop Castle Rock is a place of crown jewels and National War Museum.

The Palace of Holyroodhouse

The palace is the residence of the British monarch in Scotland, Queen Elizabeth II, housing royal reception rooms, antiques and royal relics.

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Amble the Old and New Town of Edinburg

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It’s a blissful experience to explore medieval and modern Edinburg on foot, jointly considered a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Walk the Royal Mile

Royal Mile is a classic walk from Holyrood Palace up to the clifftop castle, passing by old pubs, historic spots and churches.

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Take a Seat By Arthur

Arthur’s Seat, at the end of Royal Mile, is the mountain to hike for panoramic views of the skyline.

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Climb Calton Hill

You can see many fascinating architectural buildings, sweeping view of the city and event hosting on Calton Hill.

National Monument

One of the Calton Hill buildings is this Greece-inspired monument, seeming straight out of Athens.

Scott Monument

Being the world’s first UNESCO City of Literature, this is a Victorian Gothic monument to commemorate Scottish author Sir Walter Scott.

Pray at St. Giles Cathedral

A religious locale, the unique crown steeple of cathedral dominates the Edinburg structures.

Lo And Behold!

Edinburgh Festival Fringe is world’s largest arts festival that welcomes a staggering number of participants and spectators from all corners of the world for theatre, dance, circus, comedy, children's shows, music, opera, exhibitions and much, much more!

Celebrate Edinburg Military Tattoo

British Armed Forces, Commonwealth, military bands and several artisans perform for an extravagant military event in August every year.

Greyfriars Bobby’s Bar

A touching story of a dog, Greyfriars Bobby, guarding the grave of his master, John Gray, for 14 years inspired the locals to build a statue of the Bobby after he passed away.

A Heaven for Bookworms

Edinburgh International Book Festival held in August is extremely popular amongst writers, authors and poets all over the globe.

Back to Irish Party

While you are in Edinburg, do not miss out on the traditional Ceilidh musical shows that are sure to transcend you to the Irish party scene of the iconic movie Titanic.