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Splendid Things to Do and See in Strasbourg, France

Vinam Pachkhede Dec 3, 2019
The cultural and architectural heritage of Strasbourg perfectly mirrors the German and French influence. The fortified bridges, cathedrals and parks will take you to the eventful medieval period.

Strasbourg Cathedral

This 15th century cathedral is known for its majestic architecture and the glorious astronomical clock. Climb up its 465 ft spire to gaze the town.

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Petite France

Stroll through this cobblestone street or take a boat ride through the waterways, to get a perfect Instagram video featuring the pretty old houses.

Parc de l'Orangerie

Once a home to orange trees, now, the park has become a recreational center. Check out the mini-zoo or take a boat ride through the lake.

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Ponts Couverts

Admire this majestically fortified set of three bridges and four towers that has been a part of the town since the 1300s and has served as ramparts in the olden times.

Barrage Vauban

Strategically built as a trap for enemies on the banks of Ill river, the bridge cum dam is now used to cross the river. An observation deck offers mesmerizing views of the city.

St. Thomas Church

With a lot of historical significance, this structure is worth visiting, to admire the music organs and the mausoleum of Marshal Maurice de Saxe.

European Parliament

This modern cylindrical building is worth visiting for the three internal streets with winter garden and philodendron forest.

Historical Museum of Strasbourg

Popular for the displays from medieval age, this museum also features relief plan models depicting cities during King Louis XIV's reign, showcasing the famous landmarks of the town.

Alsatian Dishes

Taste the Choucroute with sauerkraut, fermented cabbage served with sausages, the famous tarte flambée topped with yummy Fromage blanc and veggies.