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Popular Spring Break Vacation Spots

Sheetal Mandora Oct 17, 2018
Spring break is a much-needed, well-deserved vacation for not just students, but for the working class as well. Read further for suggestions on where you should be headed during the break.
When you think of spring break, doesn't your mind wonder off towards beach vacations? If you think that this break is only for college students, think again. Although it does seem like they need a vacation from their busy schedule and stuff, but spring break is the time where families can relish themselves as well.
The most popular vacation spots are always crowding with college coeds, and you really don't want your family to get stuck in the middle of all that chaos.

Suggestions for Families

Spending quality time with the family is more important in today's life. Because we are stuck with so many responsibilities, it becomes necessary that we take a break. Take some time off work and plan a perfect family vacation with some of the best ideas and locations. Get you vacation packing list ready, and take a look at what we have lined up for you.

Amelia Island, Florida

Located in the northeast part of Florida, Amelia Island is peacefully beautiful. Apart from the rest of Florida, Amelia Island has been too much commercial. This is the reason, it doesn't attract the "fearless" young crowds.
With tons of prospects for swimming, fishing, sailing, sunbathing, and kite flying near the shores, you can also spend a day taking in its rich history. An interesting fact about Amelia Island, over time, it has had the opportunity to be governed under eight different flags.

San Diego, California

Although San Diego sounds a bit cliché, kids enjoy fun on the beach. As this place provides 70 miles of beach area, your kids will never feel like they're running out of it and have plenty of fun things to do in San Diego.
Rated as one of the top spots in U.S., San Diego has over 55 attractions to choose from. For example, you can spend your holiday visiting the San Diego Zoo, Wild Animal Park, SeaWorld, Legoland, whale watching, aquariums, tours around town, and much more.

Winter Park, Colorado

Situated just 1½ hours away from Denver, Colorado, Winter Park is one of the economical destinations. You can opt to drive, take the bus, or train to Winter Park for a cool break.
It takes you away from the typical beach vacation destinations and gives your family a chance to get out of all the heat and humidity. You can also take the ski train which takes you straight into Winter Park town, no matter which coast you are on.
There are many attractions and activities that can keep you and your family busy till your stay; like golfing, winter sports, nature walks, parks and gardens, museums, sightseeing, and tours around town. Vacations are supposed to provide tons of opportunity for relaxing and unwinding, and that's exactly what Winter Park, Colorado has in store for you.

Suggestions for College Students

❤ Barbados, Caribbean
❤ Freeport, Bahamas
❤ Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
❤ Punta Cana, Dominican Republic
❤ Las Vegas, Nevada
❤ Lake Havasu, Arizona
❤ Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
❤ Jamaica, Caribbean
❤ South Padre Island, Texas
❤ Mazatlán, Mexico
Have a great time at whichever spot you choose, and don't forget to pack lots of sunscreen as well.