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St. Nicholas Church – A Major Tourist Attraction in Prague

Batul Nafisa Baxamusa Nov 30, 2019
St. Nicholas Church is an exquisite Baroque church located in the Lesser Town of Prague. This unique church is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Prague.

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The church was built between the years 1704-1755. It is no doubt one of the most beautiful Baroque churches in Europe.
The church is often regarded as ‘the most impressive expression of Prague Baroque’ which is characterized by expressiveness, monumentality, plasticity, and movement.
Initially, it belonged to the Lutheran’s in the 16th century. When Protestantism was oppressed in Czech lands, the church was converted into a Catholic sanctuary with Black Monks residing here.
Sculptures by Antonin Braun cover the front of the church. On the inside, you will find a gigantic sculptures, sparkling golden altar pieces, innumerable paintings, stucco or wooden decorative details.
St. Nicholas Church's ceiling is adorned not only by a wonderful chandelier, but also by the beautiful paintings that depict scenes from the life of St. Nicolas.
The southern façade is decorated with figures of Saints in white stucco and nicknamed as the ‘wedding cake’.
The copper statue of St. Nicolas looking down from the high alter was created by Ignatz Platzer.
The church’s dome measures 18 meters and 59 feet in height. It is said to be higher than the Petrine tower.
In the year 1787, Mozart himself played the 2500-pipe Baroque organ and was honored with a requiem Mass within the church.
St. Nicholas Church of the Lesser Town and St. Nicolas Church at the Old Town Square were built by the same architect Christoph Dientzenhofer. But St. Nicholas church in Old Town Square is a popular venue for concerts during summer.
St. Nicholas Church at Lesser Town Square, Prague is Europe’s finest Baroque building which is definitely worth a visit when in town.