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Staycation Ideas for Couples

You got an unexpected weekend off and have made no plans for the holiday whatsoever. Why not have a staycation instead? Just think of the things the two of you could do all in the comforts of your home, without even moving out of the town.
Vacayholics Staff
Last Updated: Dec 20, 2017
When you desperately need a vacation and you are facing a cash crunch situation, try stay-at-home vacations or staycations as they are popularly known. Staycations are a nice way to relax and rekindle the romance in your married life.
The best part of a staycation, is that you can bring the world at your doorstep rather than backpacking and traveling the world. With these ideas, you can create memoirs of a lifetime.
What are you waiting for then, it's time to get going!
Romantic Staycation Ideas for Couples
Candlelight Dinner
Candlelight dinner by river
What else do you expect when you talk of a romantic staycation? A romantic dinner just for the two of you, either on a beach, or the cozy comforts of your backyard or simply at home, tops the list of our romantic staycation ideas. First and foremost, impose a ban on all electrical appliances including your iPods, Blackberries, Tablet PCs and the like. Stay away from the switches as far as possible, spend your holiday the natural way a.k.a., the Flintstones style. Just think how much you are benefiting mother earth by going sans electricity! Not exaggerating things here, all I want to say is have fun exploring in the dark for a day or two; besides, it serves as a perfect romantic break.
Fun on the Beach
Piggy back at the beach
Beaches are known to be a couples retreat, why not make use of the cost-free beach to rekindle your romance? If you live in proximity of a beach, all you got to do is walk down and set camp and you have your own private holiday all in the comforts of your own hometown. You can indulge in some water sports, or even go treasure hunting whilst pretending you are on an isolated island. You can even get mischievous and bury your partner into the sand for a natural sand bath or even go piggy back riding. Better still, you can sleep counting stars in the cozy comfort of your partner's arm. If nothing, you can even freeze moments of the two of you in a plethora of poses in the natural setting. Do you still need ideas for a beach staycation?
On a Bicycle Meant for Two
Couple with tandem cycle
Isn't it a pleasure driving down the road, singing the ultimate love song, 'Daisy, Daisy' ". . But you'll look sweet on the seat. Of a bicycle built for two! We will go "tandem" as man and wife, Daisy, Daisy! Ped'ling away down the road of life. I and my Daisy Bell! . . . ." The best way to explore your own hometown, if you haven't had the time to do so in the past is to hire a tandem cycle and ride away together. Riding a cycle together also brings in the romantic quotient, the two of you can literally paint the town red, cycling down together. Well, if you do not find a tandem bike, simply take out your bicycle and take turns cycling your partner around. It provides a perfect setting, to get to know your partner better and explore your seemingly known hometown!
Get Messy
Paintball colors
Heard of paint ball wars?
This war is not a war in reality but is some serious way to enjoy a day with your loved one. The concept behind this idea is to have fun while at home, and get as messy as you possibly can. Imagine the fun you can have, simply throwing paint balls at each other. Cleaning the mess will definitely be a tedious job, but you can do this in an open space or in your attic and give it a wild color automatically. You wouldn't have to clean up the mess as well and it will certainly be a creative and aesthetic room for you to hang out in, when you're gloomy and low.
Melting Moments
Chocolate spa
Chocolates mmmmmmmm!!!!
Chocolates are not just for eating, you can use the gooey concoction as a face pack or umm . . . let your mind do the talking. Come on, give in to the temptation; eat it, spread it, use it to do just whatever you feel like. It's your day off and a fantastic time to get romantic, lest I say anything more, have fun indulging in excess. My sympathy with those of you who are not chocolate lovers or are ardent weight watchers, this will absolutely play havoc with your figure. Try some fruity concoction if you still want to have some fun.
Blindfolded Frenzy
Couple dining blindfolded
One sense down, you still have your other senses intact don't you? There's just one rule to be followed, and that is to have yourselves blindfolded and explore. Feel your way to things, be it fooling around or stacking dinner onto your plate, you cannot cheat and open your blinds. Try keeping the blindfold on for an entire day, one thing I can assure you is that you will be able to see your partner and yourself in a better light after this expedition. Before you begin your blindfolded frenzy, remember to stack away your precious crystal d├ęcor away. Besides, you wouldn't want to hurt yourself or your partner with other hazardous stuff lying about, would you?
Be a Child Once Again
Couple on swing
Why do I have to say this when I'm giving out romantic ideas?
Well, just to imply that get the child in you out for a day. Revisit your childhood by playing hopscotch, swings, slides, and revel in the benefits of a playground with your partner by your side. There are so many things that the two of you can do on the playground, you can play a game of tennis or squash too for health benefits, that is. You can ask a few of your friends to join you in a volleyball game or a piggy back race. Implement your own ideas and have a field day together.
Row, Row a Boat
Couple kayaking
The motto behind this activity is to get you to observe your own actions closely!
For the boat to surge ahead, you need to work in collaboration with each other, one wrong move and the boat will go topsy-turvy. Explore your hometown in a kayak, you will definitely spot some attractions that you would have missed if you would have hit the road. You will definitely cherish your time together, kayaking down the stream. If this only makes you smile, I'll gladly say, 'Row, row, row, your boat, gently down the stream, merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, life is but a dream!'
Pamper Yourself
Couple enjoying massages
Going to a spa is a costly affair, yet you can get the spa come to your home. Bring home a few scented candles, some smooth basalt stones, scented massage oils and treat your partner to a sensuous body massage all in the comforts of your home. The massage is best done by a professional, so if you feel you just do not have the stamina to go through the entire process, you can enroll yourselves for a day in the spa. Opt for resorts closer home which offer saunas and jacuzzi massages for couples.
Look out for couple vouchers and deals though, as it will work for your own benefit.
Get Naughty
You can surely do with a little bit of fun and frolic on your staycation. To get yourselves in the mood, you can simply start by splashing your partner with a bucket full of cold water. Do this when your partner is unaware though, the next thing you will know is, your partner might send you in a big splash into the pool. For some added fun, add a bit of color to the water, you will surely catch your partner's attention, if nothing else. Another great way of cooling off on a hot summer's day is to have a rain dance or a sprinkler dance in your backyard. Your plants will be happy and so will your partner; besides, simply roll in the wet mud along with your spouse for that romantic feel!
Camp Out
Couple camping out
Who says you need to go to a forest or a beach or an exotic island for camping? You can do so even in your own backyard. Just set up the tent and keep all that you need handy, just so that you do not have to run every few minutes to the house to get what you want. Plan a barbeque session or simply go wild, hunt for berries and roots that you can eat, start a bonfire and cook your meals outside. If you do not wish to set up a tent and spoil the look of your backyard, you can simply lay out the sheets and get cozy with each other.
After all, what's more important is spending time together.
Have a Lazy Day
Couple relaxing on hammock
Ah, What bliss!
Nothing will get better than this, put your feet up and get cuddly with your partner in a hammock for an entire day. You can place an order for pizzas and fast foods to be delivered right into your backyard, while you laze around talking sweet nothings into your partner's ears. Try reading some romantic verses or paragraphs to each other. You can even try solving puzzles or some board games. Only make sure you walk around a bit or else you will wake up to a stiff back and ruin your staycation entirely.
Take it Easy
Breakfast in bed
For you guys out there, what better way to say 'I Love You' than give your fair maidens a day off from the kitchen and get her tea in bed. Well, to say the least, she will be mighty impressed with your way of treating her like a princess. I do not mean to be a feminist when I put forth this idea, so all my friends out there can treat your husbands to a breakfast in bed too! Curl up with a tub of popcorn and a romantic flick on your couch or bed and relax.
To put it out to you, simply watch 'Father Time' roll by.
Well to conclude, these were some of my ideas for a romantic staycation. You are free to come up and share your ideas for a romantic staycation too. By the way, I forgot to mention, you can even plan for a staycation well in advance, just so that you do not find yourselves slumping before a television set having nothing else to do. Whatsoever you plan to do with your impromptu vacation, I take the pleasure to wish you loads of fun and love. Happy holidaying!