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8 Must-visit Summer Vacation Ideas for Couples

Saptakee Sengupta Sep 20, 2019
Finally the long cherished desire to spend summer vacation with your partner is going to come true. With love and romance in the air, you must plan something.

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Summer vacation is the perfect time to enjoy the company of your partner.
The holidays bring forth a feeling of togetherness and you can savor those intimate moments for which you might have been longing for. Above all, this break from the daily chores would be intensely relaxing for both of you.
During summer season, you should ideally plan for a trip to hill stations or visit places having cool climate. Do not visit tropical destinations with extreme hot and humid climate during the peak summer time.
You can avail budget package tours offered by travel agencies and plan out the activities you would want to do during the vacation. To be precise your travel itinerary should be ready before you set out for the journey. We have presented some brilliant ideas to spend summer vacation with your beloved over here.

Travel and Tour

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One of the best holiday destinations of the summer season is Europe. Take your partner to the Scandinavian peaks and the Swiss Alps. Paris, Venice, Greece, and Italy are destinations meant ideally for couples.
You will experience the exotic beauty of the vintage cathedrals, serene waters; enjoy lavish cuisines and above all bask in the romantic air that these cities are endowed with. It is advisable to opt for a package which will cover these places within an affordable budget.

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There are numerous summer vacation destinations in the U.S. Niagara Falls, Canada; Myrtle Beach, South Carolina; Las Vegas and Nevada are the best spots to spend summer vacation with your partner.
These cities offer plenty of entertainment options apart from the scenic beauty which tourists mostly love to savor. You will have immense fun in Las Vegas as it has excellent places to shop and dine.

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Some of the best beaches in the world lie in the East and West coast of America. You can spend a few days in Florida, Southern California, Philadelphia, Chicago, Seattle or Caribbean Island to lighten your mood.
Enjoy the mesmerizing beauty of the secluded beaches in the company of your spouse and visit spas to completely rejuvenate yourself.
If you are enthusiastic about bird watching, then there's no better place than the South Coast of New South Wales (NSW), Australia. These national parks are peaceful abode to zillion species of birds and you can spend your day gazing at them. You can also go for beach fishing on the Southern coast.
Another unique activity that will fascinate you in the holiday season is whale watching. For this, you have to spend a day at the Hawaiian island of Maui. You can plan whale watch eco tour under the guidance of your tour guide. It will definitely be a thrilling experience for both of you.

Outdoor Adventure

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Summer is the best season for enjoying water sports. You have ample resources for water adventure while being on a beach. Snorkeling, scuba diving, kayaking, and yachting are the activities that you must not miss during summers.
Hilly regions like New Zealand and Swiss Alps offer wonderful facilities for Paragliding, skiing and bungee jumping. I'm sure these extreme adventurous sports will rev up your energy and spirits. Just set yourself free and make ultimate fun with your love.

Staying Indoors

Surprised? Yes, staying indoors will be a wonderful experience when you make each other feel special and loved. It is also because, you may not get this opportunity once your college or office resumes. Here we present you some romantic ideas.
Create a romantic ambiance in your room by adoring it with aromatic candles and fragrant flowers. Spend time watching movies and cooking dishes that both of you are utterly fond of. Kiss and cuddle each other, make love and stay happy indoors.
Those were the wonderful summer vacation ideas that you have been looking for. Book your tickets in advance so that no rush is caused at the last moment. Till then keep waiting for the beautiful days ahead!