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The Best Places to Visit in Curacao Island

Swarali Jambhale Nov 30, 2019
An island country is an ever-exciting place, and Curacao Island being the most colorful capital of The Caribbean makes it all the more fascinating! This obscure little Curacao doesn’t wait to be explored, it’s already on its feet walking through the glory! So, if you are a true wanderer, go and discover beauties of life there!

Playa Kenepa

Hidden between Westpunt and Lagun, Playa Kenapa aka Klein Knip beach offers cliff jumping into the bluest ever waters from a height of 20 feet! That’s quite venturesome!

An Ostrich Safari Tour?

Curacao Ostrich Farm is one of the largest breeding facilities for ostriches out of Africa that is open only for tourists now! It also lets you ride on ostriches and also feed them!

Queen Emma Pontoon Bridge

A bridge connecting two halves of Willemstad’s, Punda and Otrobanda, is a floating one! The almost 130 years old “Swinging Old Lady” is supported by 16 pontoon boats!

Feast on Iguana and Tutu!

Jaanchies… recommended by travelers has a warm embracing vibe. The food of course is delicious but also the ambience is quite inviting. Iguana stew as an appetizer and fish with tutu have to be tried!

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Curacao is a dreamlike underwater fairyland! The best you can do there is going on a safari on an underwater scooter! Yes! Memories made in the Curacao underwaters are the best for lifetime!


The capital of Curacao has a life full of colors. The candy-colored UNESCO World Heritage Site has the Queen Emma Bridge, Mambo Beach, Hato Caves, Curacao Sea Aquarium and many more attractions!

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Kleine Knip

A free beach, Kleine Knip is the most loved one by the locals and snorkeling enthusiasts! A day out on the beach is a real detox.

Playa Porto Marie

On the private estate of Plantages PortoMari at the west coast Curacao lies a lovely sand bay. The “double reef”, its claim to fame is easily reachable from the shore that give snorkeling and diving a start!

Shete Boka Park

Shete Boka means “seven inlets”. Beginning at the pretty Boka Tabla, the park is a 10 km string of beautiful coves that can be hiked. Boka Pistol Trail and Boka Wandomi Trail, choose any.