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The Best Travel Guide to Portofino, Italy

Batul Nafisa Baxamusa Jul 26, 2019
Planning an Italian Riviera to spend a relaxing summer vacation? Then you definitely need to visit a slender region between the Ligurian Sea and the Maritime Alps of Italy called Portofino. Enjoy a laid-back charm of this glamorous, small fishing village by exploring this travel guide to Portofino.

Visiting Portofino, a Picturesque Italian Village

Portofino is one of the most photogenic fishing villages in the Mediterranean. It is a perfect coiffured coastal village with a harbor filled with yachts and streets with designer shops.

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Portofino has been the most popular destination among the rich and the famous, since the 19th century. If you do not mind splurging on a glitzy vacation with world-class tourists from around the world, then Portofino is the place to visit.

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Activities at Portofino


You would love taking a stroll at the central piazza and main side streets. They are lined with chic European boutiques like Dior, Prada, Louis Vuitton, and more.

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Christ of the Abyss

The underwater statue of Christ of the Abyss was placed in the year 1954. It was meant to protect the fishermen and scuba drivers.

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Castello Brown

This 16th-century fortress today survives as a house museum. It was once instrumental in foiling an attack on the town in 1575.

Abbey of San Fruttuoso

This beautiful beach is accessible only by a boat or if you are ready to take a 2-hour hike down a mountain. It is situated in front of a 12th-century abbey surrounded by crystal clear water.

Al Faro di Portofino

Located on the terrace of a 100-year-old lighthouse on Portofino, it is famous for its breathtaking view. This bar is loaded with spritzes, wines, beer, and snacks and you can enjoy the sunset here along with a gourmet meal.

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La Portofinese

This is a working farm that produces olive oil, honey, and wine. They offer private as well as semi-private yoga and pilate classes.
After your class you can stroll through the farm, visit the vineyards as well as taste the finest honey produced at La Portofinese.

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Nestled between Santa Margherita Ligure and Portofino, this is the perfect beach to relax. It has soft sand, emerald green water with a beautiful rugged coastline.

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How to Reach Portofino?

You can reach Portofino by driving a car if you happen to have an international driving license. You can even opt for the early 6 a.m. train from Milano Central Station.
Or you could take the yacht or ferry from Riomaggiore, Monterosso al Mare or Vernazza. If you are traveling from any other city in Italy, then take a bus to Santa Margherita Ligure. Here, you can take a bus to Portofino, arriving every hour.

Where to Stay at Portofino?

There are a few hotels and resorts at Portofino to spend your stay. These include:
  • Hotel Splendido – The hotel of choice for those who spend their vacay on a luxury budget.
  • The Splendido Mare with spacious rooms on the main harbor square.
  • The Piccolo Hotel is a good hotel with bright and cheerful interiors.
There are other hotels to choose from in Portofino. However, make sure you check out if they are working as most of them remain closed for business during a few months of the year.

Where to Eat at Portofino?

The best places to eat at Portofino are located mostly in the harbor.
  • Da Puny – the best restaurants to eat fresh fish and lasagna in pesto corto
  • Taverna del Marinaio – another most recommended eatery at the harbor to enjoy seafood
  • Trattoria Dei Pescatori – located in Santa Margherita Ligure, it is the best place to enjoy Ligurian specialties

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Portofino is a luxury getaway for those who love world-class glitz and glamor. The best time to travel to Portofino is summer and spring. Enjoy your time on the Portofino beach, cruises, yachts, and high-end shopping.