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The Best Way to Experience Bermuda

If you are considering where to go for a holiday, think about going to Bermuda. Here are some tips to planning your trip and enjoying the best of Bermuda.
Kevin Gardner Jul 26, 2019

First Things First: Plan Your Trip

Do you want to take a cruise or just fly there and explore for yourself? Most travels to Bermuda are five to seven days, so you'll have plenty of time to wander Bermuda on your own if you do decide on a cruise instead of flying.
If you aren't taking a voyage, flying and staying at a hotel will be equally rewarding, but more costly than simply staying on the ship. Also, if you want to experience a cruise to Bermuda, the ship offers a lot of choices in entertainment, incredible food, and great lodging, all at reasonable cost.

Open Air Attractions

Bermuda has many delightful beaches and natural wonders to see. Horseshoe Bay is a delightful spot to begin. Wander along the vast shoreline. Check out the pink sand and turquoise water as well as the beautiful rock formations. The views will not disappoint.
On the opposite side of the island, close to the St. George Parish, you'll discover Tobacco Bay. This is the perfect beach to go swimming and view the coral and fish. Even locals consistently hang out here because it is so incredible. Tobacco Bay also has neat colonial architecture and an impressive fort, Fort St. Catherine.
Some other notable attractions include the Baby Beach, which is great for families with kids. You'll love to explore the Crystal and Fantasy Caves, where you'll discover stalagmites, stalactites, and other lovely rock formations along with clear, sky blue pools of water. These natural wonders fascinate all who have witnessed them.
You may like going out to one of the many family friendly eateries that dot Bermuda. Next, head off to the Tobacco Bay Bonfire, which has live music and happy hour specials around a beach campfire. You can hang out with the locals and try delicious Caribbean food and drinks.

Off the Beach Attractions

Bermuda has had substantial preservation work done in the recent years. The island's homes are beatific with their brilliant pastel hues, limestone slate housetops and structures made to withstand the harshest of weather. Take a trip back in time at one of Bermuda's notable homes, such as the Carter House Museum or the lavish Camden House.
In Bermuda's East End Art District, you'll discover Bermuda Memories, the exhibition of craftsman Jill Amos Raine, who has created brilliant works of art and prints, as well as note-cards and bookmarks. You can look at reenactments of public punishment at The Ducking Stool in St. George's King's Square.
You can also look at the Discovery, a ship that took Bermuda's pilgrims to Jamestown, Virginia. You may want to see various British naval sites, since Bermuda's location once made it a British maritime fortress. Forts like Fort St. Catherine will enchant and offer an instructive history lesson for the entire family.
Check out the artwork of local craftsmen, and give back to the network by acquiring their pieces. In case you're in the market for some knickknacks, look at Saltwater Jewelry Design, owned by Kelli Thompson and her mom, Rose Claire. They use materials salvaged from beaches, including ocean glass, pink sand, valuable stones, freshwater pearls.
You may also look at Davidrose Jewelry. The proprietors, a couple David and Rose, are ecologically inviting methodology and make numerous Bermuda Triangle inspired designs. If you're searching for works made with salvaged materials, you may like La Garza where coral, pink sand, and crab shells are made into jewelry.
If you are searching for historic attractions, explore the town of St. George. Look at the 1730s home, turned into a gallery of antiquities from the past times: St. George's Historical Society Museum and Mitchell House.

Another house-turned-exhibition hall is the Tucker House Museum where you get fun collectibles.

When to Go

A trip to Bermuda during the summer months is the best option since Bermuda is in the North Atlantic. The temperatures are cooler and the sea is rougher in the winter. Because of this, summer is the best time for a journey to Bermuda.

When to Go

With it being in the North Atlantic, Bermuda is more temperate even when it is hot and humid in the rest of the Caribbean. This makes it the perfect couple getaway from the kids on their summer break or the perfect family vacation for those hot summer months. 

Now you know some of the best spots to check out as you plan your trip. Bon voyage!