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The Late Summer, on the Cheap Short-term Beach Trip

Buzzle Staff Aug 20, 2019
There are times when late summer feels like the time when we most need a vacation, but with school and work projects looming, getting away can be a task in itself.
Sometimes, late in the summer, folks need to get away one last time to recharge for the inevitable initiatives that get pushed at work at the beginning of fall, or to prepare for the hectic schedule that gets ramped up when the kids go back to school or start engaging in fall sports, recitals, after school activities, and more.
It's during this time of the year, when August starts to hint at the feeling of September, and the changing leaves and cool weather that await, that a vacation is sometimes most needed.
For most, however, the big summer vacation has come and gone, along with the bills associated with it, and there isn't another vacation on the horizon until the dead of winter comes around. If finances are tight, that makes it nearly impossible to legitimately take the opportunity to get away from the impending grind.
Fear not, however, for there is a solution. On the cheap, a one-day or a short-term beach trip―or lake, if you do not happen to live near the coast―is a great opportunity to get away and recharge without spending a lot of time, money, or even planning.
The best part is that the beach or lakefront offers so many opportunities for so many different types of activities that it can be enjoyable for anyone, from a single person looking for some 'me' time to a large family complete with young children or teenagers.
If you're going to take a day or two to get away, however, there are a few things to look into―namely, what to bring and what to do when you get there.
For many, a day at the beach is simply that―take a towel, a book, some sunscreen, and something to drink, and they're good to go. For those with a family, however, things can be a bit more complicated, so here are some things to consider if you're taking the whole brood to the beach.

What to Bring

The basics, of course, include towels, beach toys, a blanket, a cooler with food and drinks, an umbrella, beach chairs, and some money. Most public beaches geared toward tourism feature a boardwalk complete with games, rides and food, so be sure to be ready to spend some time in the arcades with the kids, or on the rides.
For those who will be staying overnight, it may be a good idea to pack a bit heavier, especially when it comes to entertainment. Fishing rods and tackle, a change of clothes, and perhaps a set of golf clubs (if one is so inclined) can make a multi-day trip much more enjoyable.

What to Do

Fishing and golf, of course, are always options, as are the rides, arcade games, miniature golf and go-cart courses that are so popular at beach locations.
Jet-skis are also good, but one should never overlook the simple fun of lying on the beach, reading a good book, helping the kids build a sand castle and, generally speaking, taking it easy.
What to do beyond that is really up to the individual, and will depend largely on whether you'll be toting the kids to the beach too. The key is just to keep the kids busy if you've got them but, otherwise, just relax.
The hard work and the daily grind will be waiting at home for you, but for this day or short trip, you can just do nothing, if you like! That, after all, is the point of the 'recharging' trip that you're on.