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Things to Do in Aruba? Start With White Beaches and Great Clubs

Things to Do in Aruba
Aruba has got some of the best white sand beaches in the world, pleasant climate, great night-spots, courteous people with excellent hospitality, and a lot more. There are a host of things that you can do here while on a holiday.
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Last Updated: Aug 12, 2017
Aruba is a part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. It is one of the Lesser Antilles islands, approximately 19 miles in length and 5 miles in width. Its total area is approximately 75 square miles. It is situated approximately 18 miles north of the Paraguana peninsula of Venezuela. Languages spoken include English, Spanish, Dutch, and the native Papiamento.
Accommodation of the finest quality is available here. This can be judged by the fact that luxury hotel chains such as Marriott, Holiday Inn, Hyatt, Radisson, and a host of others have a presence here. Excellent accommodation for the budget conscious too is available in Aruba.
Details for Travelers
Aruba is well connected with many places in the US. You can either take the air route or the sea route. Many cruise liners go there from most of the US sea ports. US citizens need to carry their passports with them. Once you reach, you can rent a vehicle for moving around. You can choose from cars, jeeps, scooters, and cycles, and driving is on the right-hand side of the road.
Electricity is of US standard ― 110 volts, 60 cycles, and power failure is unheard of. It produces its own drinking water through a saltwater desalination plant. No need to buy bottled water, since the drinking water available here is of the purest quality. High tourist season is from 15th December to 14th April, and the low season is from 15th April to 14th December. Most of the hotels have got different rate cards for both the seasons.
Major Cities
Aruba being a small water-locked island, most of its cities are coastal with vast clean beaches. Following are the major cities.
  • Oranjestad ― Situated on the southern coast, it is the capital of Aruba.
  • San Nicolas ― The second largest city on the island.
  • Savaneta ― Original capital and the oldest city.
  • Pos Chiquito ― Coral beauty, divers paradise.
  • Santa Cruz ― Located in the center of the island.
  • Paradera ― Place to relax, close to beaches and shopping markets.
  • Noord ― For a reasonable stay close to beaches.
Things to Do
The things you can do while holidaying here are limitless. Moderate climate year-through, clean air, white sand beaches, aquamarine waters with an amazing variety of coral life, fine restaurants (with cuisines ranging from Italian, German, Belgian, Brazilian, Mexican, to Caribbean), golf courses, leisure cruises, night life including beachside barbeques and a carnival like atmosphere, a bird sanctuary, and a lot more will make your stay really eventful.
Beaches to Visit
Following are the beaches you must visit.
Arashi Beach
Situated on the northernmost part of the island, it contains calm turquoise water, and soft white sand excellent for snorkeling.
Baby Lagoon Beach
Situated in San Nicolas, it has calm shallow waters ideal for swimming. Excellent coral formations and a great place for snorkeling.
Boca Catalina
Situated on the northwest coast, it has shallow waters, making it a great spot for diving, snorkeling, and fishing. Kids will love this place.
Eagle Beach
Located at Greater Oranjestad, Eagle Beach with its soft white sand is considered to be one the best beaches in the world.
Situated on the northwest coast, Hadikurari has got shallow waters and strong winds, and is a good place for windsurfing. You can learn windsurfing from the locals here.
Palm Beach
It can be found on the northwest coast. This beach is surrounded by many luxurious hotels, and is a perfect place for sun bathing, swimming, snorkeling, and sailing.
Rodgers Beach
It is in San Nicolas. It has got soft white sand, and is ideal for swimming and snorkeling.
This list of beaches contain the main beaches in Aruba. There are many more places you can visit and some of them are mentioned in the next section.
Places of Interest
Following are the places other than the main beaches that you must visit:
  • California Lighthouse
  • Aruba Donkey Sanctuary
  • Tierra Del Sol Golf Course
  • Alto Vista Chapel
  • Bushiribana Gold Smelter
  • Natural Bridge
  • Andicuri
  • Boca Daimari
  • Conchi
  • Dos Playa
  • Boca Prins
  • Fontein and Quadiriki Caves
  • Arikok National Wildlife Park
  • Huliba Cave
  • Boca Grandi Beach
  • Bachelors Beach
  • Colorado Point Lighthouse
  • Commandeurs Baai
  • Santo Largo Beach
  • Mangel Halto Beach
  • Surfside Beach
  • Druif Beach
  • Manchebo Beach
  • Malmok
  • Santa Ana Church
  • Ayo and Casibari Rock Formations
  • Hooiberg Mountain
  • Balashi Gold Mill
  • Yamanota Hill
  • Aruba Golf Club
Besides visiting all these beaches and tourist spots, you get to do a lot more on the island. Nightlife is lively and full of action. This place has got a good number of bars, cocktail lounges, discos, and casinos. Most of the upmarket hotels on the beachfront will have beach barbecue and cocktail parties at night. The nightclubs could feature shows by international entertainers, local dances, live music by local bands, and fashion shows.
The locals of Aruba are very cheerful and helpful people. Almost everyone who has visited Aruba once, wants to visit again.
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