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Things to Do in Medellin, Colombia

Richa Deokar Aug 12, 2019
The second largest city of Colombia, Medellin is also known as the ‘City of Eternal Spring'. The city has become one of the most innovative cities on the planet and hosts one of the biggest fashion events in South America.

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Visit Plaza Botero

Displayed here are Colombian artist Fernando Botero’s artwork and donations which include larger than life and plump sculptures he made himself and works of some other famous artists.

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Plaza Botero is enveloped by the Museum of Antioquia and the Rafael Uribe Uribe Palace of Culture which pose as prominent tourist attractions.
Without a speck of doubt, the Bandeja Paisa also known as “Paisa Platter” is an ideal food to try for some heavy gastronomic indulgence. On the platter is - rice, fried egg, meat, beans, plantains alongside slices of avocado.

Eat What Locals (Paisas) Eat

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Take A Trip To Guatape

Located on the outskirts of Medellin and on the border of a reservoir, the colonial town of Guatape catches attention with its colorful houses and lanes.

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Walk Around In Comuna 13

Take a look at how people in Comuna 13, once considered the most dangerous co-habitants, have fundamentally evolved from a rather clamorous past.

Spend An Adventurous Day At Arvi Park

Famous among tourists for the butterflies, wildflowers and pre-hispanic infrastructure the park has a long stretch of nature trails and tours coupled with adventure sports, hiking and cycling. There is a facility of metrocables to take you there.

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See A Football Match

In Colombia, football is synonymous with religion and they take religion very seriously. Buy tickets to a match to witness the passion of the players and the madness of the crowd.

Shake A Leg At Salsa

Salsa holds a special place in the hearts of Colombians, which makes it a mandate to experience the passion they have for this particular dance form. Upscale neighborhoods like Poblado, Envigado and Laureles offer the best Salsa spots in Medellin.

Experience The Nightlife In Parque Lleras

The creme de la creme crowd of the city and foreigners are seen swarming this plush neighborhood that houses a number of bars, restaurants and nightclubs.

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During the day, Parque Lleras is a good place to stroll around and enjoy some coffee. At night, it opens up top-notch places to experience the best of its nightlife.

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Walk Around City With The Free Tours

Explore the locals with the free tours that introduce you to the city. By the end of the tour you'll have all questions answered and a better picture of the city in mind.

A Word of Advice

It would be a good idea to give the Pablo Escobar Tours a miss. Pablo Escobar terrorized the city in the days when he held a powerful position as the head of the Medellin drug cartel and his acts of terrorism have devastated the people and city of Medellin, leaving long-lasting wounds.