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Things to Do in Queretaro, Mexico

There’s a lot to swoon over this colonial town, as it's an amalgum of structural and cultural treasure with many UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
Rasshmie Salunkhay Jul 3, 2019

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The ancient heritage of Queretaro portrays the Baroque style architecture and is embedded with a whopping 1,400 monuments to preserve and cherish.

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Pena de Bernal

Hike at Pena de Bernal, a behemoth of a rock that juts out 433 meters above the city and is illustrious for being among the 13 wonders of Mexico.

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Aqueduct of Queretaro

Experience this 75 feet enormous arched structure snaking through the city, that provides water to numerous fountains.

Teatro de la Republica

One of the gem in the heritage of Queretaro, this glorious theater in the historic center of the city will satiate your artistic thirst.

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Visit Tequisquiapan, that holds the elegant Parroquia Santa Maria de la Asuncion, a parish church with a neoclassical style of architecture.

El Faro Lighthouse

Gorge on finger-licking food and drinks at this cool lounge, with an extraordinary view of the Marina hills.

Gardens and Plazas of Queretaro

The lush gardens and great plazas in the city add vividly to the city’s charm and is a must visit if you are with your family.

Wineries of Queretaro

Queretaro boasts of one of the largest wine areas in Mexico, don't miss to visit the most popular one, the Sala Vive.

Mucal Calendar Museum

The name itself shouts, it all about 'calendar'. Hop at this museum that thoughtfully conveys the meaning of time in various cultures and the relevance of calendars.