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Heading to the Beach? Don't Forget to Carry These Things

Things to Take to the Beach
Planning a beach trip and wondering what all things to take to the beach? Then continue reading and prepare your own list.
Vacayholics Staff
Last Updated: Jun 8, 2018
Couple relaxing on beach
Summer has arrived and everybody is making plans to enjoy the heat. Undoubtedly, a beach trip is a wonderful way of spending some good time in this season. But, going for a beach trip is not just about jumping into the water.
To have ultimate fun, you must be equipped with important things to take to the beach. So, are you thinking of spending a good time on the seaside and are confused what things to take with you? Then here is a list for you.
Sunscreen and Sun Tan Lotion
Amber stones and accessories
When you plan to have a beach trip or party, you must carry a sunscreen lotion with you. Since your skin will be exposed to the harmful UV rays, you must protect it by wearing a sunscreen or a sun block.
It is recommended to apply the lotion at least 30 minutes before you head towards the seaside. If you are thinking of getting a nice sun tan, then do not forget to carry a sun tan lotion in your bag.
Beach Wear
Little girl running with balloons
A beach vacation packing list, is incomplete without some nice beach wear. So, when you are going on a beach, you should always have a bikini or swimsuit with you. Even if you do not plan to go into the water, it is always better to have these items in your bag.
Clothing and Footwear
Woman And Girl Running
The picnic or trip can be enjoyed only if you wear comfortable clothing. So, for a beach trip, you should wear clothes that will make you comfortable in the sun as well as the sand. Wear simple outfits, like skirts, t-shirts, shorts, sleeveless shirts, tank tops, etc.
waterproof sandals
You should also carry a pair of waterproof sandals or flip-flops so that you can easily walk on the sand. Also, do not forget to carry a pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes.
On the beach
If you are planning to spend many hours on the beach, you need something to keep yourself entertained. You can carry a newspaper, a media player or iPod, a magazine, a novel, a comic book, or any other supply that you can enjoy while basking in the sun.
Kid eats pizza with potato chips
Food is basically an optional thing for taking to the beach. If you have kids with you though, you should preferably some snacks with you. You can pack sandwiches, chips, cold drinks, or cookies with you.
Friends on the Beach
Staying on the beach for long time is certainly going to dehydrate you. Hence, you should carry a small cooler and keep water bottles or soft drink bottles in it.
Hat and sunglasses on a beach
You will not feel good if you find wonderful seashells on the shore but do not have a bag to carry them in. So, whenever you are heading for a beach vacation, carry some empty bags with you.
Wooden Chest
You can collect beautiful sea treasures, like interesting rocks, sand dollars, shells, etc., and take them home. These empty bags are also useful for putting wet clothes and towels in. Moreover, if you are carrying your mobile and camera, then you will need plastic bags to protect these gadgets from water.
Beach Supplies
Family On Beach
If you plan to stay for a long time on the seaside, you must carry beach supplies where you can rest yourself. These include, beach chairs, towels, and umbrellas. Beach chairs and umbrellas are easy to fold and can be transported without any inconvenience.
Beach and summer vacation accessories
A towel is a must-have beach supply. So, carry enough number of towels according to the number of people, or at least have one towel per head.
Frisbee and Ball
Beach Sports
Other than the important supplies, you should also carry some fun things to the beach, specially if you have small children with you. These can be Frisbee, shovels, beach toys, and inflatable balls.
These were some ideas and suggestions on what to take to the seaside with you. Make a note that this list might be incomplete and some important things might have been missed out. So, collect these supplies, pack your bags, and have a memorable beach trip.