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Thinking About Visiting Slovenia, Try Canyoning in Bohinj

Matt Ortega Mar 27, 2019

Explore Bohinj

Explore hidden gorges, abseil over slippery rocks, jumps several meters deep into ice-cold water, wrapped in a wetsuit; Canyoning in Bohinj, Slovenia is an amazing experience and pure adventure!

Adventure Holiday Around Bohinj

You can also visit Bled. The location on the famous Lake Bled in the Julian Alps is almost on the way from the climbing paradise in Croatia. You can take a leisurely walk around the lake.
There are countless outdoor tour operators and agencies that provide you services like rafting on emerald-colored rivers, paragliding, ziplining and multi-day mountain tours around Bohinj.

Accommodation and Services in Bohinj

For canyoning in Bohinj, some agencies take a maximum of seven to eight people per group with a guide. This also shortens the time you'll have to wait in cold water for the other participants in the tour. Some tour agencies would also take 20 people through the canyon in Bohinj.
Compare different offers by different agencies and choose one. However, the price is almost the same everywhere for an approximately three-hour tour.

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