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Tips for Packing More Efficiently

You’re going on a trip, and one of the toughest things can be deciding what to pack and what not to.
Richard Clayton Oct 3, 2019
For most people, it’s easy to get carried away and want to throw the entire wardrobe into a suitcase, but that isn’t the most efficient packing method. If you want to save time and money when packing for your next trip, here are some tips.

Know the Weather

If you know what the weather will be like where you’re going, you can save space when packing. Rather than packing for several weather possibilities, your packing can be efficient and include fewer clothing.
For example, if you’re traveling to look at New Orleans homes for sale, you can check expected temperatures and humidity so you can pack the most appropriate outfits.

Fold and Roll

Traditionally, travelers have their clothes folded when packing, but rolling them is actually more efficient when it comes to space. You can even roll entire outfits together to make getting dressed easier each day.
However, rolling your clothes can cause them to get wrinkled, so choose wisely for each piece of clothing. Using combination of folding and rolling will likely maximize suitcase space.

Packing Cubes

Whether you’re traveling with a backpack, duffel bag, or large suitcase, packing cubes are one of the latest travel innovations. Packing cubes come in various shapes and sizes and allow you to organize your items inside your luggage.
You can decide what things will go in each packing cube you so won’t overpack any particular item and know you’ll be able to fit everything in when you’re heading back home.

Pack Light

Once you decide to take a trip longer than a week, the number of clothing items you bring can get tricky. In most cases, it’s efficient to pack few outfits than number of days. To make your clothes last the entire trip, you’ll want to seek accommodations that include on-site laundry or a local laundromat.

Choose a Color Scheme

While packing, consider packing clothes that can be worn differently. For example, a black shirt can be worn with jeans or skirt. A neutral-colored cardigan can be worn with any outfit if temperature drops a bit. The purpose of having a color scheme is you can make many outfits from less clothes.

Stuff Shoes

If you’re not stuffing your shoes, you’re wasting that empty space in your luggage. Socks are the perfect clothing item to utilize the precious space inside your shoes. You can choose to stuff other small items in your shoes but might want to place them in a plastic bag first.

Pack in Order

The last tip is to pack clothes in the order they’ll be worn. Well, pack them in reverse order. Unless you’ll be completely unpacking when you arrive at your destination, place clothes you plan to wear later in your trip near the bottom of your luggage. This means clothes you want to wear right away will be on the top.