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How to Survive a Plane Crash

Reshu Mehrotra Jun 30, 2019
After boarding the flight and comfortably seated what's the next thing you do. Read the newspaper, listen to music or chat on phone rather than listening to an air attendant briefing everyone on board on safety measures. If you like to ignore the drill, it's time you change your habit.
Most of the passengers, the minute they enter a flight, start ordering and always ignore the safety speech. Though it is for their safety, they are least bothered and assume it's the attendant's job to save them in the event of any untoward accident.
But what these people fail to understand is that by attentively listening to the speech, they are prepared for the worst case scenario and can also protect their fellow passengers as well.
Surviving through a plane crash is difficult, but with properly following the briefing, one can certainly avoid being a victim. According to the government statistics, the probability of surviving a plane crash is high but these results do not guarantee the passengers to relax.
It's more important to be alert and stay focused while flying. Also, keeping a safety kit with you is the best option while flying.

Tips for Survival

Strategically Plan

While the plane is coming down, it's important to remain calm. Next, think about your plan of action as to how you will survive the impact. Always listen to the air attendant as they are there to guide you.
Do remember to use seat belts and tightly fasten them around you so as to avoid the force at which you can be propelled forward. Bend your head between your legs and your arms behind your legs so as to brace yourself for the impact.
Bend your head between your legs and your arms behind your legs so as to brace yourself for the impact.
If you are not able to bend fully then place your arms on the back of the front seat so as to avoid any upper body injury.

Don't Carry On Luggage

While you are getting out of a plane that has crashed, try to leave your luggage behind. Do not, under any circumstance, open the overhead bin as the luggage may drop on your face because of the position of the plane. It's not worth your life. It's required to get out of the plane as the grace period allotted to passengers involved in a crash is very less.

Dress Code

There is no dress code for flying with any carrier but better wear cotton pants, full sleeve shirts or jeans and sports shoes. On the flight, don't urge to take off your shoes as during a crash your feet will be safe from injuries resulting from debris and broken glasses. Avoid wearing synthetic and loose fitting clothes which are prone to fire.
Also avoid stuffing your pockets with some unnecessary items instead keep a cotton cloth. In the event of a fire, the smoke can be harmful if inhaled. The cotton cloth soaked in water should be used to cover the mouth area so as to avoid the poisonous smoke. So try to keep a bottle of water in your seat bin.

Survival Seats

According to experts, sitting within five rows of exit can increase your survival chances. Also, the back end of the plane bears less brunt than the front end therefore try to take the last seats. Even aisle seats and the ones near to the exit are best in terms of getting out easily.

Food and Drink

Even though you might be tempted to munch a little more than usual, do not do so. Try to avoid alcoholic drinks as these make you feel dizzy and nauseated when you are involved in a plane crash. Though now flights have light meals or no meals at all, it's better for passengers to be alert during takeoff and landing.


It's always advisable that you read the emergency safety cards as these contain great deal of information that can help you in time of crash. The information might be read by you before but all the flights have some unique information to give on their flight safety exits, information about safety vests and the way the vests are to be inflated and used.
Also while going to your seat try to count the number of seats after which your seat is located. In the event of crash smoke spreading in the plane, at least you will be able to count and rush to the nearest exit.

Help Yourself

When you are involved in a plane crash, first try to put on the oxygen mask so as to breathe normally.  After you have put the mask on, try to help your fellow passengers. As you are walking out of the plane, do not push people as it might result in a stampede. Try to walk fast and encourage people ahead of you to walk fast.
After you have stepped out of the wreckage try to run far from the wreckage sight and follow the instructions of the flight personnel's. It's better to stay far from the crash as the risk of plane catching fire is high after it has crashed.
If the plane has crashed in a water body, extract the life vest located under your seat and wear it. Inflate it when you are out of the plane and going to slide down so as to make sure it is not punctured.
Being involved in plane crash is like a nightmare come true. Nobody wants to imagine such a situation but it's important that if we experience such a nightmare, we should maintain a positive helpful attitude.