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Top 5 Unconventional Proposal Spots for 2019

Brooke Collits Mar 14, 2019
Proposals can be cute, amazing, shocking, and everything that comes in between. More than the act itself, the time, location, context, and plan matter a lot as well. You could propose in your bedroom or in the middle of the Times Square with a flash mob around you.
The kind of option you go for depends on your plans, but it is obvious that arranging a flash mob would be more exciting than popping the question in your bedroom.

What is he up to? What is he picking from the grass? Has he dropped something? Oh, he has his hands in his pockets? Is it what I think it is? OHH MY GODD!
Is this exactly how you want your partner to be when you plan to propose to them?

If yes, then you need to have an air of unconventionality and unpredictability while popping the question in front of them. Shock is something that makes a proposal worth it.
So, how have you figured this whole thing out? How do you plan to make this proposal the biggest moment of your life without being conventional and keeping the air of shock intact?

By going through this recommended list of not-too-obvious, but extremely ridiculous and romantic places.

Giardino Degli Aranci, Roma

Place the Roma inside romance by doing what many other romantics have done: propose in Rome. However, we don’t want you to go to the conventional spots within the city.

We want you to propose in a separate corner of Rome, where not many romantics have popped the question.
Also known as Parco Savello, or the garden of orange trees, the Giardino degli Aranci promises to give you a scintillating view of the most mesmerizing landmarks of the city.
Distract her by making her look at some of the magnificent landmarks around the area, as you pull your belt up and bend down on your knee.

Just when she turns back at you, after having soaked in the view, you can bring the ring out and say whatever you’ve written for the moment.
The magnificence of orange trees, the brownish sand enveloping the region, and the view of Rome at the back would ensure that you get the desired response.

What’s more, you can have a romantic climb down the hill and even lovingly carry her across that hill for the rest of your life.

Sintra, Lisbon

Sitting just near the beautiful city of Lisbon, Sintra is a dream location for couples who have a thing for natural beauty and fine art.

If you and your significant other love fairytale proposals and weddings, you would do a good job at making them come true at Sintra, near Lisbon. The city is famous for its theatrical palaces and castles.
The city hasn’t yet achieved the kind of limelight it deserves, which is why you wouldn’t find tourists flocking it throughout the year.

It is relatively calm and a perfect getaway option for couples looking to build up on their relationship. Soak in the views from the artistic castles and palaces, and do a proposal that is fit for royalty.

Bridge of Love, Helsinki

Ask any mainstream person in today’s world about their favorite most romantic spot and they would point out the Ponte Vecchlo in Florence and the Pont des Arcs in Paris among the top few.

However, not many know of the bridge of love near Helsinki. The small bridge has a modern touch to it, but dates back to the prehistoric era.
The bridge connects the two cities of Katajanokka and Meritullintori together. The area across the bridge is lined with bars and restaurants, which are a perfect replication of fine arts from the era gone by.

You will also find multiple examples of nouveau architecture, which will drag you into the abyss of the days gone by.
This area is host to the spectacular Uspenski Cathedral, which is frequently visited by admirers of fine arts for the beauty it hosts.

The Bridge of Love is perfect for romantics who want to get their names and proposal associated with the place, before it gets crazy famous.

Leeds Castle, Leeds

A monosyllabic English answer to the Taj Mahal of India, the Leeds Castle is a gigantic gathering place for love birds all over the world.

The area was originally built for a Normal fortress, and remained that way for over two centuries.
It was a couple of centuries after it first came into existence that the Leeds Castle was handed over as a gift to the beautiful Anne of Bohemia by King Richard II.

King Richard II soon became the husband of Anne of Bohemia and was also later referred to as one of the most romantic and lovable monarchs in history.
Anne loved the gift that was handed to her by Richard, and spent the whole winter preparing and getting ready for her nuptials.

The tale associated with this castle will surely get you all excited for your own proposal, and will build the mood that is required.

Shinjuku, Tokyo

If you and your wife are a fan of Hollywood, you would love to get Lost in Translation in the hustling streets of Shinjuku, Tokyo.

This would not only get you to reminisce about the movie, but also to surprise your partner with a shock proposal in the midst of streaming crowds.
And, as far as the final whisper is concerned, you can create your own version of it and hold it close to your heart as long as you love each other.