Top 10 Vacation Spots That'll Suit the Fancies of Every Family

Here's a list of some of the top 10 vacation spots, which are a must visit for anyone who wants to spend quality time, discovering new places.
Family vacations are something that are most looked forward to, but dreaded at the same time, when it comes to planning for the same. After all, you need to please every member and yet have a great time. Well, when you think about the top vacation spots around the world, you are bound to be in a tizzy, thinking about which destination to select and discover. Well, here's a list of some of the most gorgeous spots that are bound to give you food for thought and help you pick the one that best matches your family's mood and ideas.
This place remains to be the most sought-after destination and also a very popular family vacation spot. Oahu remains to be one of Hawaii's most frequented islands. If you wish to have some fun in the Sun, then Hawaii is surely the place for you. Apart from its scenic beauty, it also has a number of luxurious resorts meant to pamper you in true style. Its picturesque beaches provide a wonderful backdrop, and these form the center of attention for tourists all over the world.
Los Angeles
L.A. has many important landmarks and areas of interest for one and all. It has the right balance of beaches, wetlands, and mountainous areas. It is also known for its uber-cool shopping areas and rocking nightlife.
Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
This is an excellent vacation spot that see hoards of tourists every year. Apart from the sandy shores, Myrtle beach is very popular for its reasonably priced hotels and the serene environment it offers. Families can have a fun time at the amusement parks, which are a major attraction due to the various games and themes.
The Grand Canyon
The Grand Canyon is contained within the Grand Canyon National Park. The beauty of this place also reflects a rich history. This place offers some truly amazing views and breathtaking sights to behold.
New York City
This city can prove to be a very exciting place and one with lots of amazing things in store for the family. Tourism remains to be one of the main industries in New York City, with some amazing landmarks and completely uber-cool shopping areas. Some of the major destinations include the Empire State Building, Times Square, Central Park, Washington Square Park, etc. The Statue of Liberty is also one of the major attractions in New York City.
There are many reasons why this capital city of France ranks on the list of many. The museums and monuments that are seen in this place are a treat for all art lovers and an enriching experience for the entire family. The Louvre remains to be the major attraction out here. With works of famous artists, this place is the hottest destination for many. Paris holds plenty of activities that will enthrall all.
Caribbean Islands
Caribbean islands remain to be preferred by people across the globe. They do prove to be a paradise for all beach lovers. Its tropical climate and the beautiful life beneath the waters beckon many to visit this place.
Kerala, India
Kerala lies on the tropical Malabar Coast of the Southwestern region of India. This place is also named as one of the top 10 paradises in the world. It is a hotspot for family vacations due to its balanced mix of culture and beautiful environs. The backwaters are one of the must-sees of this place. Some of the other popular attractions in Kerala remain to be the beaches at Kovalam, Varkala, etc.
Goa, India
This land is famous for its sun-kissed beaches, although Goa is one of India's smallest states (area and population). It currently receives thousands of international and domestic tourists every year. It has the right mix of Indian and modern culture, as well. The beautiful beaches of this state draw loads of tourists every year. Some of the most frequented ones include Calangute, Candolim, Baga, Palolem, Sinquerim, Anjuna, etc., but there are many not-so-frequented beaches that are surely worth a visit if you wish to seek some incredible sights.
Switzerland has a healthy mix of cultures and is known for its scenic mountain areas. The mountainous areas of this country attract many energetic tourists and families, wishing to spend some time skiing or hiking in the beautiful surroundings. Many areas in Switzerland have recreational cultures that are meant especially for tourism. The Engadin is a long alpine valley, which lies in southeast Switzerland, and tourists are known to flock to this area to see the natural wonders. One of the most expensive resorts is also located out here.
Goa, India