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Top Places to Visit in Venice, Italy

Maya Pillai May 10, 2019
Your trip to Italy would not be complete without visiting Venice. This city is historic, romantic and gorgeous. The list of places to visit in Venice is very long. And it would take days to see them all. Most people may have only a few days to spare in this breath-taking city. Here is a short list of must visit places in Venice.
Venice, popularly known as 'the city on the water', is situated in northeastern part of Italy.
Venice is built on the Venetian Lagoon with over 100,000 palafittes that were driven into the mud to lay a solid basis for the beautiful and grand buildings.

The history of this city dates back to 400 AD. Today, Venice city and the lagoon are listed as the UNESCO World Heritage property.

Places to Visit in Venice

Tourists flock to this European romantic city each year to enjoy its summer.

They visit public squares, gaze at the architectural marvels, witness beautiful sunset, and glide in the gondola to feel the pulse of this Italian City.

Grand Canal

The channel has the length of 3800m cut across the city. Famous palaces such as Palazzo Barbarigo, Palazzo Dario, Ca' Rezzonico are on its banks.

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Therefore, a gondola ride through the waters of this marvelous channel is a must for a romantic person.

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Piazza San Marco

Constructed in the 9th century, Piazza San Marco is the main square situated at heart of the city.

It is said to be one of the romantic places in Europe, and is the only square in Venice that is known as "Piazza". The other squares are usually called campos or piazzales.

Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte called this square "The world's most beautiful drawing room".

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Bridge of Sighs

Casanova walked along the Bridge of Sighs. 

There is a belief that if couples in love kiss under the Bridge of Sighs, they will be together forever.

Punta della Dogana and Santa Maria della Salute

Santa Maria della Salute (Basilica of Saint Mary) is popularly known as 'Salute'. It is a Roman Catholic church located in the triangular area called 'Punta della Dogana' where Grand Canal meets the Guidecca Canal.

Punta della Dogana is also an art museum located in an ancient customs buildings, the 'Dogana da Mar'.

San Giorgio Maggiore

If you want to enjoy the rooftop view of Venice, this is the church you must visit. It's a beautiful church with a bell tower. Take a ride up to the bell tower to enjoy the view.

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Top 5 Beaches in Venice

If you are visiting Venice in summer, and if you have had enough of history and architecture of this romantic city, head towards the beaches fringed with golden sand. Some of the popular beaches in Venice are:
  • Rosolina
  • Alberoni
  • Sottomarina
  • Bibione
  • Albarella
Venice is truly a romantic city. This city has something to offer for everyone. There are wayside cafes, tranquil sceneries, palaces, churches, museums  and sandy beaches.

What more can one ask for!