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Top Ten Travel Destinations That are Full of Beauty and Adventure

Kashmira Lad Jul 14, 2019
There are certain tourist destinations that are a hotspot for a large number of visitors every year. Here is a list of such top ten places that have mesmerized people with their natural beauty.
Globetrotting for some is more than just a way of refreshing oneself. In fact, it's more like an obsession. With every break, ardent travelers who wish to discover new things across the globe are always on the lookout to visit new places to unearth the beauty of nature. Some top ten travel destinations you can consider for planning a fun-filled holiday.


This is one hot spot for travelers. This paradise on Earth needs no introduction and has a plethora of ocean life waiting to be explored. From the various species of sharks to the beautiful coastlines, Mauritius has much more in store for the avid tourist.
White beaches, salty air, beautiful coral reefs, and loads of activities targeted for tourists are one of the few reasons why this place is most visited by the people all across the globe.


This is another travel destination that ranks high on the list of beach lovers. This country is known worldwide for its pristine beauty and gorgeous white beaches.
This place has some extraordinary underwater life, which attracts people who love to go diving on a holiday. Today, one can find an array of hotels to suit every need if one wishes to explore this beautiful locale.


You are bound to be besotted with the beauty of Rome. This modern capital city of Italy has some of the best landmarks of architectural splendor.
The beautiful churches and the ancient monuments are a sure delight for the lovers of art. This place also has some of the most beautiful parks and museums of historical significance.


Beautiful and clean, Scotland is one of the most stunning places to visit. The countryside dotted with historic monuments, a major hub for ardent lovers of nature. There are many tourist attractions in this country that you can visit to have a fun-filled holiday.

New York City

This city has plenty of tourist attractions that make it one of the most visited places every year. You can visit the Empire State building or beautiful museums such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
There is always plenty to do in this very busy city. This place also pampers you with some of the most luxurious hotels that promise more than just a comfortable stay.

Washington, D.C.

Washington D.C., the capital of the United States, attracts thousands of tourists every year. From the White House to the Gothic architecture, it has several places of interest.


This urban destination is the major hub for fashion and entertainment. London has loads of activities for tourists that flock to see the splendor of this place.
Beautiful architecture to some of the major shopping hangouts, this place has it all. It also has four World Heritage Sites that are a must-visit for tourists.


The culture of Spain in itself is very interesting, and it is also a center for the best forms of art. Spain has 40 UNESCO World Heritage sites that draw tourists from all over the world.
Spanish cuisine is as vivid as the music of this country. You can have a fun time visiting the Donana National Park or the historic city of Toledo.


This capital of France is one of the hottest travel destinations. Paris holds some of the most famous landmarks that have great historical significance.
The Louvre continues to attract over 8 million tourists every year. Paris is, therefore, the center for art lovers and fashionistas who love to shop for nothing short from the best.


You can imagine gorgeous snowy backdrops, on thinking of Switzerland. It attracts tourists from all over due to its climate and the beautiful landscapes. People come here mainly for skiing. Switzerland has many such hotspots for the adventurous tourist.