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Top Things to Do in La Rochelle, France

Nupur Lakhe Sep 23, 2019
A coastal city in the southwestern part of France, has been a center for fishing and trade since the 12th century. It hosts one of the big old harbors. Complimenting it, is the renaissance architecture and lanes with medieval houses and passageways.

The Old Port of Marseille (Vieux Port)

The port is the oldest harbor here and speaks volume about the camarederie that the city and the ocean hold. Wander around the harbor and click amazing sunset pictures with yachts at the port.

Île de Ré Bridge

The road bridge connects La Rochelle to the western coast island Île de Ré. The entire view along the bridge is panoramic to say the least.

Cityscape of La Rochelle

The best way to enjoy the city is to take a walk around twilight. Spend some quality time on the banks before exploring the well lit city.

Centre Historique de La Rochelle France

A very architectural hotel in the downtown, very close to the harbor. Choose to stay or just visit to admire the architecture it beholds.

Hotel De Ville

The Renaissance Style Courtyard of the hotel is full of intricate details and not to be missed.

Lighthouse Downtown

Take a walk till the lighthouse when the tide is low. It has a picturesque surrounding which can be enjoyed during sunsets as well.

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La Rochelle Aquarium

It is one of the famous aquariums which houses 600 marine species. It is a must visit place when here, especially with kids.

The Two Towers of La Rochelle

These Saint-Nicholas towers act as gates to the marina downtown of La Rochelle.

Marina Bay - Charente Maritime

Check out the marina harbor and book yourself a ride around the town amidst blue ocean.

The Clock Tower

Gare de La Rochelle, the tower clock is housed in a main railway station of the town is a piece of marvelous architecture. Standing tall it just speaks for its grandeur itself.

Musée Maritime

It is a museum afloat on the Old Port and hosts historical collection of ships. The most famous one being the Joshua.

Tower of the Lantern

Tour de la Lanterne in french, is called as La Rochelle's beauty queen. It was known so because it was the lighthouse at the harbor and represented itself like a big candle being lit.

Beaches of La Rochelle

A coastal place can never be deprived of a beautiful coastline. La Rochelle's beaches are serenely different and free from the touristy crowd.
Satiate your taste buds by savoring some local seafood. Since it is a coastal terrain, the eateries and gourmet restaurants that specialize in the coastal cuisine are aplenty.