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Top Things To See And Do In San Sebastian, Spain

A trip to this northern Spanish city, once in a lifetime, is a must.
Aakash Jain May 28, 2019

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La Concha Beach

Synonymous to San Sebastian, and a consistently highly ranked beach, La Concha Beach is a gift of nature.

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Located in La Concha bay, the beach is an ideal spot for unwinding yourself amidst the hustle-bustle of the city.
Crystal-clear water, white sand, tasty delicacies, mountains all around. What else do you want! Also, the night life in and around the beach is incredible with pubs and restaurants waiting for you.

Monte Igueldo

Want to see the aerial view of the beautiful La Concha Bay? Head to Monte Igueldo.

It’s also famed for its funicular railways that take you up the hill along steep terrains, and give you a glimpse of the lush green vista.
The train leads you to the amusement park, which is a one stop recreation centre for kids. Especially, the ride on Montaña Suiza, takes you all around the hill, giving you the ultimate dosage of the breathtaking sea views and thrilling experience. Hiking, and dining at restaurants are regular here.

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Monte Urgull

The prominent attraction of San Sebastian, this beautiful hill gives you an easy and wide view of Cantabrian Sea and cityscapes from its numerous vantage points.
The viridescent areas of the hill make for a good spectacle. It is ideal for hiking. The other attractions include castle, Jesus Christ statue, museum.

Castillo de la Mota

The royal castle built during 12th century still stands as a great landmark of San Sebastian. The beige and brown-colored castle, on the crest of the Mount Urgull, has artifacts like cannons – a typical defense equipment and collection of other cultural and historical elements.
The castle also offers a scenic vista of the beautiful city and azure waters that fills you with love. There is a huge statue of Jesus Christ that stands high on top of the mountain.

Go for a Pintxos Tour

A tour in the city, to relish the tasty Pintxos – a staple and refreshing snack of Northern Spain that’s taken with wine.
The tour involves you in trying distinct varieties of Pintxos, like cheese Pintxos, prawn Pintxos, Pintxos with olives. Visit La Ganbara to experience the rich Pintxos-culture of the region.

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Santa Clara Island

The turtle-shell shaped island lies in between mountain ranges Urgull and Igueldo.

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A lighthouse and a pier on the island are visible from far away. This island is the best place to relax and satiate your visual senses, as you view the entire coastal city.
There’s definitely a beach, where you can enjoy kayaking and see beautiful boats moving smoothly on blue waters. This is a place, ideal for walking and exploring the rich flora and fauna around.

Cristina Enea Park

Though this park lies in the main city, it is the best place to unwind yourself. That you get to see beautiful peacocks roaming freely and redwood trees standing tall with confidence is a testimony to the fact that nature should be untouched.
You can walk along, rediscover yourself, hold small picnics and have fun with your kins, visit small library to gather knowledge.