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Top 10 Spectacularly Beautiful Tourist Attractions in South Africa

Aparna Jadhav Aug 20, 2019
South Africa is known to be one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Here are the top 10 tourist attractions in South Africa for those who are planning a trip to this beautiful country. Situated in the southern part of the African continent, and it is bordered by the Indian and Atlantic Oceans.

Kruger National Park

Kruger National Park is a 2 million hectares animal sanctuary. It is about 1000 miles above sea level and is situated on the low altitude grassland known as, Lowveld area which is called the "real Africa" by the natives.
The climate is subtropical with a combination of both dense leafy and thorny trees. It is home to the great African elephants, lions, giraffes, and other wild animals. Walking safaris, mountain biking, or simply a guided tour are some of the attractions in this national park.

Garden Route

The Garden Route is brilliantly created stretch of mountain ranges with sea waves dashing to the feet of these ranges. It is situated on the south-eastern coast of this country and stretches from the western Cape, Heidelberg to the Storms River.
The climate here is tropical. Since, it is a home to various marine ecosystems such as coral reefs, animals like dolphins and seals, around 264 species of birds and of course the Southern Right Whale, there are lots of sites to see and things to do!

Durban Beach Front

The Durban beach front would be a classic choice for beach vacation! It is known to have the most beautiful beach front and surfing museum. The beach front is full of restaurants, eateries, shopping malls, fleamarkets, water sport stalls, etc., making it a famous tourist point in Durban.
The subtropical climate of this city attracts tourists in winters and summers. With the 3,000 km long coastline, you would have a choice of various beaches on the West, East and South coasts.


The word, Mpumalanga means, "the place where the sun rises" in the native Zulu language. This province is situated on the eastern side of the country, also called the Highveld or the high altitude grassland area.
There are mountain ranges in the central region of this province which is very rich in wildlife and forests. Mpumalanga covers about 80,000 square kms, stretching from highlands to the lush green forests, with beautiful waterfalls.

Table Mountain

The Table Mountain found in Cape Town is a mountain range which has an flat top, and has been featured in the flag of Cape Town. You can hike to the top of this mountain or go via the cable-way to enjoy the sights.
The top of this mountain is a plateau which approximately extends to about 3 kms and is edged with sharp cliffs. The two features of this mountain are, the Devil's Peak and the Lion's Head that are placed to the east and west of the plateau respectively.


Soweto is located in the Johannesburg city in Gauteng. It is one of the largest townships that is home to a number of Africa's black population.
It is also famous because it is the hometown of Nelson Mandela and has historic structures like the Hector Pieterson Memorial and the Freedom Square. Soweto has preserved all the native culture and thus, displays it to the guests in the form of vibrant colored costumes and melodious music styles.

The Cradle of the Humankind

The Cradle of the Humankind is a strip of land where there are 13 fossilized caves made from dolomite limestone and they all contain fossils of plants, animals, and hominidae (the great apes), from the evolution period.
These caves are about 2.3 billion years old and are stretched through an area of 47,000 hectares, extending between Oaktree, Broederstroom, Hekpoort and Lanseria in the province of Gauteng. There are almost 200 caves which are present here with 16 sites of fossilized caves.


Johannesburg the "city of gold" is the largest city in this country and is known as the provincial capital of Gauteng.
Unlike many other metropolitan cities in the world, it is a city which is not surrounded by any water body, and is located on the eastern plateau called the Highveld. Along with its pleasant climate, incredible nightlife, and entertainment activities, it is popular for its zoos, comedy theaters, restaurants, historic museums, and beautiful shopping malls.

The Winelands

Located in the east of Cape Town, the Winelands are a region of steeped land in the midst of lovely mountain ranges. Rich in extraordinary sceneries, the Winelands flaunt some 17th century Dutch architecture, with towns that have their own vineyards.
These small towns have various restaurants and hotels which have made this valley a beautiful tourist destination. So, if you want to enjoy a relaxed vacation with your friends and family, the Winelands could be on the top of your list.

Northern Cape

Northern Cape is the largest province in the country and is the least populated and includes the semi-desert Karoo and the desert of Kalahari.
The Orange River flows through these large stretches of barren land, providing a few spots with refreshing oasis. There is a wide botanical diversity in this area, as there are different types of succulent and desert plants found here. There are various villages and towns in this area, which provides you with adventure sports and entertainment activities.