Take a Look of These Top-notch Majestic Vacation Spots in the World

Top 10 Vacation Spots in the World
Plan your vacation with the top 10 vacation spots around the world.
Vacayholics Staff
Last Updated: Jul 26, 2018
A vacation is what you take when you can no longer take what you’ve been taking. -Earl Wilson

So everybody needs a vacation, be it a kid, married couple, or office staff. Every age group requires time to relax and spend quality time with their loved ones. Before planning a vacation go through the list to make it more enjoyable and hassle free.
In the U.S
For all those looking to explore the United States, here is a list of the best vacation spots in America that you can explore this time! In the U.S.
Disney World
Disney World - Aerial View
☛ Plan a Disney vacation with your kids and enjoy their glee!
Las Vegas
Never sleep Las Vegas
☛ It does not require a lot of description.
New York
Statue of Liberty and Midtown Manhattan, New York City
☛ Get a bite of the Big Apple.
Yellowstone National Park
Grand Prismatic Spring
☛ Explore the beauty of the wilderness and have a blast!
Los Angeles
Los Angeles skyline,architecture,urban,cityscape
☛ Go get starry eyed!
Scenic view of Waikiki Beach
☛ Enjoy the splendor of the sunny beaches in Hawaii.
Buckingham Fountain and Skyline
☛ Wind down in the windy city.
Washington D.C
United States Capitol
☛ Capitalize in the capital!
☛ Go chocolaty!
Miami beach marina
☛ Watch out for the waves, here they come!
If you're planning a Europe vacation, then you absolutely must know the top places to visit in Europe! Here's a list of them!
London, England
Houses of Parliament at night, Westminster, London, UK
☛ Big Ben. London Eye, Buckingham Palace, take your pick!
Venice, Italy
Venice during Carnival holiday, Italy
☛ One of the best vacation spots for couples, Venice offers a perfectly romantic atmosphere with its foggy ambiance, and gondolas complete the legendary Casanova attribute!
Paris, France
Eiffel tower at sunrise, Paris
☛ One of the most beautiful and well planned cities in the world, France and fashion's capital, Paris is also home to the stunning Eiffel Tower!
Amsterdam, Holland
Amazing Amsterdam
☛ If you love tulips, this is the place to visit. Don't forget your camera, because this city has some breathtaking views!
Albufeira, Portugal
Sao Rafael beach
☛ A perfect vacation spot if you're in a mood for the real Portugal, away from maddening crowds.
Madrid, Spain
☛ Art, partying and lots and lots of delicious food is what you'll get in Madrid.
Florence, Italy
Florence Cityscape With Basilica Santa Maria del Fiore, Tuscany, Italy
☛ A haven for art lovers and heart lovers! Don't miss how stylish the people in Florence are!
Rome, Italy
Pantheon in Rome at sunrise
☛ You just can't get out of Italy without visiting the Eternal City! Make sure you cover the archaeological hotspots in the day and hit the nightclubs come dusk.
Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland
Lauterbrunnen valley in the Bernese Alps, Switzerland
☛ A gorgeous city, tucked away in valleys and hills and waterfalls! Guess what, you can ski here too!
Greek Islands
Town of Oia during sunset on Santorini Island, Greece
☛ You can't possibly complete a trip to Europe without visiting these beautiful islands in the Aegean sea. Beaches, cliffs, churches, etc. all eagerly await your arrival.
For the eastward bound, here's a list of the top ten vacation spots you can visit to have an enjoyable Asian vacation!
Goa, India
Asian tropical beach paradise
☛ The star attraction of India, with golden beaches and a carefree lifestyle!
Bali, Indonesia
Pura Ulun Danu Bratan in Bali, Indonesia
☛ The stone sculptures of Bali are world famous. Along with those, get a glimpse of some beautiful gold and silver handicrafts.
Bangkok, Thailand
Buddha sculpture in Grand Palace Thailand
☛ Bangkok houses the Reclining Buddha Tempe which attracts a lot of tourists. And after that, go SHOPPING!!!
Tokyo, Japan
Tokyo, Japan
☛ The land of the rising sun, and rightly so. Go explore the beautiful and hardworking country of Japan. And of course, visit the Tokyo Disney Land as well!
Udaipur, India
City Palace View at Dusk in Udaipur India
☛ If you want to take a sneak peek at a royal lifestyle, visit this city of palaces in India. You'll lose yourself in the beautiful palace hotels and also enjoy a desert life!
Kathmandu, Nepal
Everest and Lhotse from Gokyo valley with group of climbers
☛ The land of the sherpas has a lot to offer with scenic views and a mountaineering paradise nestled in the Great Himalayas!
Kerala, India
Kerala Houseboat, India
☛ You'll understand why this place is called God's own country only after you visit it. No spoilers ahead!
Bandaling, China
Great Wall
☛ If it's China, it's got to be great! You guessed it right! Yes, the Great Wall of China! Can't miss it!
Manila by night
☛ A major tourist attraction in Asia, with its scenic beauty, museums, etc.
Island of Maldives
☛ An archipelago of sorts, this island country is the lowest in the world in terms of altitude. Since it is an island country, it has extensive beaches and derives more than half of its economy from travel and tourism related activities.
Phew! That was the list of the top 10 vacation spots all around the world! Take your pick from these vacation spots and have a happy vacation!